Zombie mom | Nobitas resident evil part – 1

Hey guys how it goin .

So I found a new horror indie game known as Nobitas resident evil.

Nobita no Biohazard (from now on nobihaza) is a parody of the Biohazard series (known in the West as Resident Evil) featuring the cast of Doraemon characters. The game was released on 2007 by aaa. Since then, many people have modified the game and spawned many mods and scenarios which not only expands the Nobihaza universe, but adds some new interesting mechanics and gameplay. And in 2014, it’s finally translated to English by one person (me).

You’ll probably need to install it using applocale or switching your system locale to Japanese. After that, extract the .rar. Make sure you’re using the same methods above to extract the files, since its filenames are in Japanese. And lastly, run RPG_RT.exe to play.

I’m planning to make a walkthrough of the game and how to get the endings of the game, as well as the ranking system. I’d say that it will be finished before March. Until then, enjoy the game

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I hope you guys enjoyed the video 😊

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