World's Most Extreme Plane Landing and Takeoff – Paro Airport

Join me for some of the World’s Most Extreme plane spotting action from Paro Airport, Bhutan. Watch how plane dive over the mountains and maneuvering to land and takeoff in Paro, Bhutan.
Paro Airport is situated in the Paro Valley between many tall mountains at 7,400 ft above sea level. Getting in and out of Paro on a plane is one of the most exciting ride out there. Currently there are 2 airlines serve Paro; Royal Bhutan Airlines (Druk Air) with A319 and ATR-72 and Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air) with A319.
Following on from our recent video detailing our awesome flight from Kathmandu airport to Paro airport, which you can see here: , join us for an extended plane spotting session at Paro airport in Bhutan from three unique viewing points in the breath-taking natural beauty of the hills and snow capped mountains surrounding the airport.
Paro airport is only served by two airlines – Royal Bhutan airlines, also known as Druk Air, and Bhutan airlines, also known as Tashi air. However, on the day of our plane spotting there is no shortage of action as ten separate landings and take offs are scheduled to and from the challenging and secluded airport.
We start very early so as not to miss any plane spotting action, at 6:30 AM, with our first scheduled sighting of an aeroplane being an arrival from Bangkok.
Particular highlights of the plane spotting session at Paro airport include views of the wonderfully curved take off trajectories of the aeroplanes, as they take immediate action to steer well clear of the dangerous hills and mountains which surround the airport which make landing there and taking off so difficult. We also see aeroplanes making use of the special turning points built in to the ends of the single runway at Paro airport, which is 6,445 feet long.
The hills next to the airport provide a lot of different stations for plane spotting. On our third and final view, we take up a special position directly opposite one of the ends of the runway and enjoy unparalleled, head on views of the backs and fronts of Royal Bhutan Airlines’ and Bhutan Airlines’ planes.
When plane spotting at Paro airport, you have to be patient, as there can be very large time delays between planes arriving or taking off and there is the added challenge of never quite knowing which side of the runway an aeroplane might use, but we’re all equipped to rise to this immense plane spotting challenge at one of the world’s most extreme airports for plane landings and take offs.
Paro Airport started life in 1968 when it was constructed by the Indian Border Roads Organisation as an air-strip intended for use by the Indian army for helicopter flying, on behalf of the Bhutan government. Bhutan’s first airline, Druk Air, was launched in 1981 and made use of the airport thereafter. Druk Air had its first scheduled, commercial flight from Paro in early 1983.
Back then, when Druk Air first started its commercial flights, Paro airport consisted just of the runway, an air traffic control building with just two rooms and a departure lounge. Druk Air had to maintain and operate the airport’s infrastructure prior to Bhutan’s Department of Civil Aviation being established in 1986.
It was in 1990 that the runway at Paro airport was lengthened by almost 2000 feet to its current length and strengthened to be able to cope with heavier aircraft. A hangar was also constructed at this time and a terminal building followed in 1999.
From humble beginnings, Paro Airport has risen to be Bhutan’s sole and well-run international airport and is a favourite with aviation enthusiasts all over the world for its unique geography, extreme hazards, dangers and challenges and its unique plane spotting opportunities amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
What did you think of what you saw? Don’t forget to leave a comment and, as always, thanks for watching.


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20 thoughts on “World's Most Extreme Plane Landing and Takeoff – Paro Airport

  1. I want to specially thank video editor and youtuber vjshifty for helping me adding the cool graphics in this video to make it better for viewing. This friday, expect an amazing departure video out of Paro, Bhutan to Kathmandu, Nepal (another challenging airport)

  2. Hi Mr Chui

    You have to know the commercial Airports in Papua, Indonesia

    There are a lot of extreme landing there, May I put one of the link here to you and please check the others for your reff

  3. This is a very well maintained airport, due to limited traffic, even less than Gaborone (Sir Seretse Khama Intl Airport) and it's support from India and the high tourist fees.

  4. Really the best shots of Paro, this video would be twice as enjoyable for true avgeeks if it did not have silly teen band sound track ( just doesn’t go with landscape and architecture ) and the random speeding up and slowing down of certain shots, Sam do you by any chance have another version with no sound track and crazy editing..?

  5. I love all videos by Sam. They are always so informative!
    But here there is so little commentary and so much muzak 🙁
    When spotting it is great to know/learn the origin or destination of each plane landing or taking off.
    For less traveled locations it gives a sense of how they connect to the rest of the world.

  6. I agree this is the most beautiful country in the world…so nice and clean air. People are so friendly. No homeless. Their house are so beautiful. The only thing is so expensive cost to enter and stay in there.

  7. സുജിത് ഭക്തൻ പറഞ്ഞിട്ട് വന്നതാണ് കൊള്ളാം നല്ല വീഡിയോ

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