Word 2016 – Continuous Section Break – How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add

This tutorial shows you how to insert a continuous section break in Microsoft Word 2016. This tutorial teaches you how to use Section Breaks in Microsoft Word 2016. I show you the process of how to split columns and add multiple columns to your documents. This tutorial is intended for beginners who would like to know more about page and paragraph formatting. Thank you for watching!

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10 thoughts on “Word 2016 – Continuous Section Break – How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add

  1. Hi Adam,
    I recently found your tutorials and I am so thankful that you do these. I haven't had to use word beyond basic document creation before. However, I am now trying to create course material and handouts for my business and I was getting so frustrated with trying to work with the text in the documents and to make them look professional. I really appreciate how well you break these tasks down. You explain things very and thoroughly, which I need. I like how you show exactly what to do on the screen so I can clearly see what I am supposed to do on mine. Thanks so much. You're a great teacher.

  2. Why you just not select the section and then apply Columns to the selected section only, rather than insert a continuous section break?

  3. Hi @Adam Morgan,
    Question: I am practicing a step from a Word 2016 workbook and it is instructing me to "Delete a line within a text box by pressing the F8 function key (which turns on the Selection Mode), press Ctrl + End (which selects the text from the location of the insertion point to the end of the text box), and then press the Delete key."

    My issue is, my laptop's F8 function isn't the Selection Mode. A side panel opens up prompting me to change the screen projection/mode(?). (Actually none of my F function keys work in alignment with Word 2016, they all do something different such as F9 is the search function F11 is the screen brightness key, etc..).

    So what alternative key(s), button(s), or shortcut(s) can I use to get to the Selection Mode to complete this task? And is there a cheat sheet of easy commands somewhere that I can refer to in order to commit them to memory for future use?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi, I found when I clicked Columns and clicked More Columns in the bottom of the box, there was a 'Line Between', it was what looked better. Can this be a good way? Thanks!

  5. I enjoy your tutoring video so much. If I made 3 columns, and want to put vertical lines among columns, what can I do? Would you like to make a video? Thanks~

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