Why iPad Mini 5 (2019) is a GREAT VALUE For Money! [Review]

Apple iPad Mini 5 (2019) offers outstanding performance in a compact, pocketable package!
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ipad mini vs air 2019 review pubg gaming

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26 thoughts on “Why iPad Mini 5 (2019) is a GREAT VALUE For Money! [Review]

  1. I purchased mine not long after they first came out and honestly I thought Apple was done with small tablets because of large screen phones but I’m so glad they updated the mini. The web browsing experience is so much better on my mini than my iPhone XR

  2. But still iPad Air is worth buying. Because smartphone comes almost 6-7inch screen and iPad air you should consider rest is up to you

  3. How to watch movies with subtitle?
    And guys those who r planning to buy that for study purpose just keep in mind that apps like Oliveboard, testbook, practicemock are not available on ios…

  4. Bro i have just one question I'm also using this ipad why don't i have hdr+extreme settings in pubg 😔
    And how to get this ios 13 😍

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