Which iPad Should You Buy In 2019? Full Comparison

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Apple’s iPad is now split into four distinct lines (and five screen sizes): iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. Each of these devices has solid pros and cons, and I break down all of them to show you which one you should buy! While I’ll be keeping my top-of-the-line 11-inch iPad Pro, I think the $499 iPad Air is the best 2019 iPad for most people. Which iPad do you plan on purchasing?

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47 thoughts on “Which iPad Should You Buy In 2019? Full Comparison

  1. We have 2 iPads at home.. My first one was iPad 5th gen and now the iPad Air 3. My husband is planning to get the iPad Mini 5 so we can give the iPad 5th gen to our daughter.

  2. The exaggerations in this video are silly. The 9.7 is fine. The A12 chip will last longer than the A10 in this, but how long do you hold onto ipads anyway.

  3. Terrible advices. TERRIBLE! Erase this dumb video for Christ's sake. The iPad you should be looking for is the 2017 with stereo speakers, 120hz and 4gb of ram. Cheaper than the "NEW"iPad Air, with 60 hz, Botton firing speakers and only 3 gb of ram. Get the old model or find a woman and give your money to her, not Apple. Maybe you even get laid.

  4. There wasn’t any constructive criticism on iPad 6, all negative review.. at least give your viewers option if they want the 2018 iPad

  5. I went for iPad mini as it is cheaper than Air 3, they almost have the same specs. Only difference is the size. Besides mini is very nice in hand. 😍

  6. iPad 2018 seems like the best option for students on a budget who only need to work with text, watch videos and listen to music imo. And you can’t go wrong with the price

  7. I got the ipad mini 2019 256gb variant 2 days ago. Im so much loving it as it has the A12 bionic chipset same as the Iphone Xs Max's processor. Im using IOS devices for gaming as im into gaming a lot. At least i get to keep my 7plus for another couple of years and saved me a couple of hundred dollars rather than upgrading to Xs Max only just for gaming purposes. ☺️👌🏻

  8. Most of us dont need a ipad pro….and buying for the camera or the speakers….is crazy ….use your phone and a Bluetooth speaker….much better pics much better sound

  9. I got myself a volkswagen….it cost me 20.000 euro and does allmost everything i know….my Brother bought a mercedes….cost about 70.000 euro and he has some more luxure ….my other Brother bought a aston martin…..200.000 euro…..it has got everything….but i still am satisfied with my volkswagen….still does allmost everything…..and i can afford it….

  10. Get the 10.5 inch iPad Pro from 2017 and DONT GET the iPad Air because even though the 2017 Pro is older, you can get it refurbished for $460 and it’s a better device!

  11. I do like Apple Pencil 2 and enjoy using it. That leaves with only one choice: the most expensive 11” iPad Pro.
    Was considering iPad Air 3 but then debating with iPad pro 2nd gen.
    iPad 2GB of RAM just wont cut it for 2019. iPad mini is not iPad enough for me.

  12. I’m perfectly blessed with my 10.5” iPad Pro. My uncles bought it online from Best Buy on Black Friday for $649 and it’s the 256GB configuration. I’m so blessed with my iPad Pro. Sure I accidentally dropped it a month later but I’m still in love with it

  13. Do you think we'll still be potentially seeing a new iPad (regular model) for the 10.2"? Hopefully releasing during the WWDC?

  14. I have the original 2015 12.9 that's still rocking! And I'm about to unbox 2017 10.5! Can't do USB-C at this point. So I'll have two iPads to assist with video editing.

  15. Everyone complained before that Apple didn't create enough devices at different price points in comparison to Google. It was an on-going criticism. Careful what you wish for.

  16. Do you have a video that covers which iPad Pro is better (2nd vs. 3rd gen) and how to decide which size is best for different needs?

  17. Can anyone recommend me between 9.7inch iPad pro (2018) vs iPad mini (2019) ?

    I'll be doing media consumption through Youtube tutorials, Udemy courses, Codecademy, Netflix, Amazon kindle book, Social media (facebook, twitter)

    I won't be doing any creation work. Also I'm not looking to buy a keyboard and pen as I already have a surface pro 6 for that. I need a device which I can hold in my hands for long duration and learn on the go.

  18. got an iPad mini a few days ago mainly to take notes. the experience has been amazing so far and I love the Apple Pencil even if it’s just first gen

  19. I still use a iPad mini 3 and I still love it but I’m going to get the iPad mini 5 soon but only because I want a new one

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