What is Rasterize in Photoshop? Difference Between Raster, Vector, and Smart Objects

The interesting science behind why the need to rasterize and what is rasterize in Photoshop in the first place. In this video, we’ll explore the very fundamental concepts of different types of graphics in photoshop: raster, vector, and smart objects. Examining each of the graphics’ pros and cons, we will learn which one to use when and where does rasterize kicks in.

This video covers one of the most crucial basics of Photoshop and digital imaging which is too important to miss in case you still have a confusion. Hope this video helps you!

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33 thoughts on “What is Rasterize in Photoshop? Difference Between Raster, Vector, and Smart Objects

  1. I love your style. Very conversational and very informative. You make complicated things easy to understand. Keep up the great work.

  2. So smart objects only lose quality (i.e. become pixelated) when the size is increased beyond their original size? Also, I assume that vector objects can't be converted to smart objects?

  3. If the image is raster, smart object or “wector” it is still pixels when you see it because the computer/tablet has a screen made of pixels.

  4. Excellent, clear and concise explanation, I love it and no condescending attitude to those who know less than you do, I have subscribed and hit the bell for more of this stuff, thanks, man.

  5. Hi Unmesh. Thanks mate for being so helpful. You make learning easy for beginners like me. Thank you.

  6. भाई अंग्रेजी नही आती( bro i dont understand English)
    But i try to ask …i use cc 18, want to add "light Effects" render filter…but could add, cause light effects is not in active mod..how to on or active it.? (My laptop configuration is not so high…) 🙏🙏
    Help.! भाई हिन्दी मे भी सुरु ट्यूटोरियल….

  7. Kudos to you brother, I am impressed with the quality of your video and how good you explain the subject, also something really important is that you make sure to share every combination of keys that you use.
    Thank you!
    You earned another subscriber.

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