We’re in Hanoi 🇻🇳 | Night Market + Street Performances | Vietnam Travel Vlog // #MagaliTravels

🏙 Settling into Hanoi, a tour of our cute airbnb + a walk through the weekend night market. 🌃

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After a wonderful time in Hoi An, we flew back to Hanoi to spend a week in the city. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it’s got a lot of history & culture and it’s also rapidly developing, it reminded me a lot of Mumbai in that sense. This vlog has a tour of our airbnb, as well as a day spent eating out, dealing with cooler than expected weather, having too many cold drinks at Highland & visiting the weekend night market. This is the first Hanoi vlog but there will be three more.
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╰ The Whitney
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Really nice room in the French quarter of Hanoi, 5 mins away from The Opera House / Metropole Hotel etc. Only downside is the lack of elevator but if that isn’t an issue, I’d recommend it!
╰ Phu My Bun Cha
One of the better Bun Cha places in the city.
╰ Highland Coffee, BIDV Building
There are Highland Coffee outlets all across the city (& country!) but this was our favorite outlet & the ‘Golden Lotus Tea’ was our favorite cool drink from the menu (we tried most of them).

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16 thoughts on “We’re in Hanoi 🇻🇳 | Night Market + Street Performances | Vietnam Travel Vlog // #MagaliTravels

  1. Subscribed.I Love ur channel , I adore Vietnam , also I live in Mumbai Bandra west and I was neighbor with Salam Khan ,keep up the good work Jaan

  2. Missing your amazon pantry haul… So much.. the way u describe each an evrry item.. hope you will do it soon

  3. I have seen they use so much red beans in this part of the world. Was totally new for me as well. To eat red beans in a sweet form 😁 they have a lot of this stuff in HK too. Oh I remember picking up the most random things from this night market in old quarters 😁😍

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