wellzoom desktop filament extruder review

#1 Gearbox grinding went away after lubrication (some parts of the video were reused)
#2 Motor never stalled anymore. Possibly due to better wiring.
#3 Nozzle was drilled to 1.9mm to produce 1.75mm PLA. 1.6mm for ABS, exactly like it was with filastruder.
#4 Recycled plastic extrudes ONLY in horizontal position.

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source: https://arabsn.net

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11 thoughts on “wellzoom desktop filament extruder review

  1. I have the same but without motor screw speed control (ver A). Can you achieve with vertical mount, constant 1.75 mm filament output?

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for the video. What do you advise about purchasing a new extruder from filawinder, filabot, noztek and zoomwell? especially keeping in view mixing possibility.

  3. Hello, (using google translate) do you know if it is possible to make a change of engine to extrude faster ?. I have the same model and it takes about 5 and a half hours in a kilo of PLA. I would like to speed up the process.
      Greetings and thanks

  4. Great review on this machine. I bought one a few years back and it worked great, until i got curious and messed with the control box. now, i cant get a proper extrude, even when trying to autotune it. it either strings out bubbling hot, or very slowly.

  5. First off thank you for a very detailed review. I do have a few questions if you happen to see this. How accurate were your results were they truly within .05mm as advertised? What did you use to color your pallets? I'm guessing they were pla pellets if so where did you Source them from? Thanks again I truly appreciate it. Thumbs up and a sub from me.

  6. You mentioned the feeder screw vs the drill bit diy approach. Is the feeder screw faster, does it mix better, work with more materials, or something else- eg what are the benefits you are seeing?

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