44 thoughts on “Walking around Massage Street in Saigon(Hochiminh), Vietnam 2019 April, Can I use credit card?

  1. The Mongols are saying Westerners,Europeans are rubbish that we should all leave Thailand.Of course they are great for Tourism just look at Beach Rd every night after 8pm see for yourself.

  2. 佛說罵意經:


  3. I know it's a lousy way to make a living, but it seems like it would be such a turn off to even go for a massage since they look so bored and disinterested.

  4. Lol, nam offer's the best massage/ full service than any other country in my opinion! Been doing this for 20 years now. I know all the good shops for the best buck! Lol…..

  5. Remember that Vietnam is still a Communist country, which this video highlights the paradox of capitalism in a communist regime.

  6. What an art!! Must watch.. Satisfied video!!❤️
    Vietnam 🇻🇳 Art – Lacquer Handicraft ( Made by Handicapped people ) https://youtu.be/V2NVrSOQG0Q

  7. 8290756872 main Bikaner ka hoon 45 number Hai Meri Main is group Mein Shamil Hona Chahta Hoon aur businessman kaam karna chahta Hoon

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