VN674 Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam Airlines

In this video, I’m going to review my flying experience from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN) with Vietnam Airlines. Vietnam Airlines is a member of Skyteam, 4-star airline rated by Skytrax. This is my first time flying with Vietnam Airlines. The service was quick as this flight is below two hours. Once we are ready for departure, crew gives out refreshing towels to passengers. Blanket is available upon request. Our flight was delayed for almost 1 hour due to air traffic congestion.

After 20 minutes of airborne, dinner was served. We were offered two choices and I find that Vietnam Airlines’ meals are really delicious. Once the service is over, crew came around with water, tea or coffee (upon request) and clear your meal tray. There is no personal inflight entertainment screen. After that, the seat belt sign is on again for landing. Service was wonderful, especially for a short regional flight.

Next month, I will be trying their B787 and A350. For sure their products are different and I’m really looking forward to trying those fleets. I didn’t do any trip report for my return journey (SGN-KUL) as I think it’s almost the same except some crew were so different from my KUL-SGN’s sector in terms of their attitude and service. (I assume you know what I mean)

Flight No – VN674
Flight Time – 1 hour and 40 mins
Fleet No – VN-A397
Aircraft – A321-231
Gate – C23
Seat – 27D in front of R3 (emergency exit)

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Vietnam Airlines Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh


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8 thoughts on “VN674 Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam Airlines

  1. I flew the same route with Vietnam Airlines few months back, and I do agree with you regarding the attitude of certain crew members. Apart from that, I do enjoyed the flight, comfortable seat, nice leg room, meals are quite tasty as well just like what you've mentioned.

  2. Nice Video…I am so glad to see this one, becouse this video is very clear
    and the color profile of your camera is very good, love it

  3. Amazing video. I found your video in my channel's statistics of my SGN-DPS report, and this flight report is spectacular. So glad that you had an amazing flight with Vietnam Airlines, and I hope you had great times in Vietnam.

  4. I have flown on their 321, 350, 777 & 787… Quite enjoyable and comfy, but most of the time the flight is full. I wish you have a great journey with VA. Their cabin crew is quite handsome too.

  5. Excellent ! I really wanted to see Kuala Lumpur International Airport in one of your videos and here it is 👍simply the best airport. Highly recommended if one day you could do Etihad Airways from Kuala Lumpur – Abu Dhabi( or vice versa). That is one favourite route for travel video channels if you see on YouTube. As always , cheers to another simple and terrific work ⭐️👍😊

  6. Wow, KUL looks so world-class! And that's one fresh-looking A321! The service is superb, no wonder it's rated 4-star. Excellent video!

    – Red

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