26 thoughts on “VivoBook 15 X512 Review

  1. ★Which one is the best laptop of Asus Vivobook among its different variants?

    ★Is this (Asus Vivobook) laptop good enough for all sorts of programming and coding and video editing without any trouble or issue?

    I need a laptop with 8 hrs straight battery backup in full charge (at least 6 hrs).

    # The following are the specifications I need in my laptop:—

    i7/i5 (8th generation)
    8GB DDR4 RAM
    4 cores…
    NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GDDR5

    Battery — Upto 8hrs.

    1TB HDD
    128 GB SSD (at least)

    Backlit keyboard with white lights only…

    Body — Silver, grey or white (not colorful ❤💛💚💙💜)…..

    100hz+ Refresh Rate
    IPS panel
    (5ms response time at least)
    G-sync monitor (optional)

    Ports : 2 USB, Ethernet, Audio, etc.

    Not noisy fan and good heating solution…

    Num pad on the laptop's keyboard.


  2. The only thing I don't like about this laptop is the sound. Unless you are in a quite room or have good headphones, the sound is very lacking. But then again, that is not what this laptop was meant for. Other than that, it is nice in every other aspect. I would but this again. I got it for 500 bones @ best buy here in Florida.

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