26 thoughts on “Virtual DJ 2020 – VDJ Changes Clothes

  1. Coming from the record crate carrying, " did I bring all the right cables" ?, equipment lugging backache days of DJ'ing…. from Final Scratch as being my first digital dj software, I must say I have used and still use all forms of DJ software, depending on the venue and mood. In my opinion Virtiual DJ has a solid Mobile DJ core as when dj companies hire me to do events they ask if I have Virtual dj which at times is a interesting question but in my opinion the software breakdown pool among the dj community arguably ( almost like the whole Volkswagon, Audi, Porsche thing, which are all German Cars, And Honda/Acura ,Toyota/Lexus, Nissan Infinity, which are Japanese cars had to drop that real quick) ,are… Serato/Traktor for the turntablist, producer ( keep in mind Serato allows subscription access to the streaming service Tidal), Rekordbox/Traktor for techno, house, production ( also keep in mind Rekordbox allows access to streaming subscription of Beatport and Soindcloud ), It all depends on your comfort zone. Now as for customer service issues it depends on the representative you actually reach and how you give your detailed issue. Now on another thing being the hardware, as an owner of the Pioneer DDJ sx-2 ( and DDJ 1000, DDJ 1000 SRT and Roland DJ 808 ) which is the Iconic Pioneer DDJ SX2 is the hardware that works very well with all the different dj software that specific unit gives you the ideal way of testing, comparing, and flexibility to your flow of how to use each software to it's full potential. It all depends on YOU THE DJ, JUST MAKE THE BUTTS SHAKE FILL THE DANCE FLOOR COLLECT THE MONEY BUY MORE GEAR, AND DEPENDING ON WHAT LOVE SONG YOU DROP accept the responsibility of adding on to the population
    If you have skills you can make it happen.

  2. Almost 16 minutes of talking. Damn man, do or make some adjustments on VDJ 2020. That's why we look at the video. But leave Serato for what it is, and focus on VDJ, that's also the title of ur video. And please don't talk so much, and do some things on/with the software. That will takes ur video up to a better level. And this is for really.

  3. They take out some of there features in there latest up date, that's one thing I don't like. Backspin gone and some other effects.

  4. back to back no other software like virtual DJ when it comes to being a creative DJ #fact and don't argue with ur ancestors am out

  5. Interesting vid but I still don't understand why folks that prefer the Serato look don't just download the "Controller HD by DennYo" interface (GUI) & call it a day. I still prefer the "Controller HD" interface even with the new makeover but the default skin is much nicer than it was before.

  6. i always felt that serato looks like shite. and i still do. dunno why you are so into it. maybe because you used it first, it left an impression on you, thats all.

  7. Hi, very much thanks for the video. I love VDJ, despite it is expensive, specially for us living in Argentina.
    A lot of DJ`s say VDJ has bad sound, but never supported their claim with based evidence. Stretching pitch at high values is anyway not my intention, either. What VDJ offers me , and Serato does not, is the possibility to use any soundcard that i want, totally configurable, and not to be bundled with the one included in the controller. Also i love the easy of use the folder tree, without the need to load tracks to a crate

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