Vietnam Airlines Airbus and 787 Business Class – Not What I Had Planned

Vietnam Airlines’ Long-Haul Business Class has been high on my list to fly for a long time. Vietnam Airlines is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, but that was about all I knew about Vietnam Airlines.

So, when I recently needed to travel from Shanghai to Frankfurt, I discovered the perfect itinerary with Vietnam Airlines with a layover in Ho Chi Minh City. The first leg, from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City, would be operated by one of Vietnam Airlines’ A350’s (my favorite airplane!). The second, from Ho Chi Minh City to Frankfurt, would involve a Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787. What a great comparison of two rival aircraft, both operated by the same carrier – Vietnam Airlines.

Unfortunately, Vietnam Airlines had something else in store for me…

In the end, thanks to an unexpected Equipment Swap, I got the chance to try out Vietnam Airlines’ Airbus A321 Business Class on the first leg as well as Vietnam Airlines 787 Business Class on the second one.

Join me on this review of Vietnam Airlines’ long-haul business class. We’ll explore Vietnam Airlines’ lounge, Vietnam Airlines’ business class seat, Vietnam Airlines inflight entertainment, Vietnam Airlines’ food, and Vietnam Airlines’ crew! I’ll even give Vietnam Airlines a “JebScore!”

I can’t wait to return to Vietnam and try Vietnam Airlines again. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on Vietnam Airlines!

Here’s a link to the unedited take-off and landing footage:

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20 thoughts on “Vietnam Airlines Airbus and 787 Business Class – Not What I Had Planned

  1. The flight to Frankfurt was pretty empty was that due to the time of day/night. Was that deliberate so you could film? When you narrate you sound like you're reading a story or making a commercial or is that on purpose?

  2. I remembered that 787 with the white nose which fetch me to osaka from hanoi. Not sure that it was the only 787 with a white nose in their fleet.

  3. I flew in the same type of aircraft from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chih Minh and back by the same aircraft. I flew in economy. Not bad. Good legroom.

  4. I think price needs to come into it, the value for money is way up there when you fly business on vietnam airlines. Full service airline at a fraction of the cost but obviously not up there with middle eastern carriers

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