27 thoughts on “vdj scratch live skin

  1. what.s up! Richie rich hey! i tell you what! if you hook me up! with some of those halloween remixes you have ill email you the Serato Skin get back 2 me when u get a chance! if you wana call me here is my # 407 692-6857 Dave… Dj Dela Flav i see u use virtual dj..i use Numark VirtualVinyn 6.2

  2. i TOLD YOU YOUR NOT GONA FIND IT! ANYWERE!! IF YOU REALY WANT! IT! just email me send me $20 buck & i got you!! if you want ill email you a video so u can see it!! send me ur email

  3. if ou still lookin! for that serato skin 4 vdj let me know?? i got it! just only $20 bucks..it looks exactly like serato 2.4

  4. ill send it to ur email for $10 bucks it looks exactly like the 2.4 version of serato… text me ur email & ill send u a picture of it first…Dj Dela Flav

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