Uphill Athlete David Goettler training for Shishapangma.

Professional alpinist David Goettler, coached by Scott Johnston at Uphill Athlete, uses a special muscular endurance workout in preparation for an alpine style ascent of Shishapangma in 2017.

This video is intended as informational only and NOT as a substitute for proper instruction and guidance on the techniques, tools, and methods featured. Use of this information is solely at the risk of the user. Always seek professional instruction prior to implementing any of the material in this video or engaging in any of the activities it describes.

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7 thoughts on “Uphill Athlete David Goettler training for Shishapangma.

  1. Would have been useful to see at least one of the reps at actual speed to get an idea of pace, although I suppose pace is much less important than simply feeling the burn in the legs. Most of my weighted hill repeats are done at a brisk walk at most. Looks more like David was running.

  2. A question I have got after watching this video, especially the start where David is clearly out of breath: in the prior video on ME Scott is in Zone 1, plus its noted here: https://youtu.be/ZI-_rcWcwiY?t=3m20s

    Can someone advise what the difference in periodization is?

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