30 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Fix "No preview available" in Excel 2016

  1. Cám ơn bạn nhiều, cái này mình tìm đã lâu rồi nhưng không thấy. Chúc bạn luôn thành công trong cuộc sống

  2. Hi, i have a question. I have already follow your guide but at last step i didn't found the file to make new string. What i supposed to do?

  3. Cảm ơn anh nhiều lắm ạ
    Em sử dụng excel 2016
    Áp dụng theo cách anh chỉ và đã thành công ạ!

  4. Worked Well! I need this when im work, makes my life easier. Thanks for the help. Good thing I convinced them to let me have admin controls XD

  5. Turn off your fucking video suggestions you idiot…I couldn't see shit at the end because of it. At least have the common decency to provide a written guide in the description

  6. Thanks youtube, for covering what I need to add with yout fucking video suggestions, you fucking mongoloids! Fuck off, dislike

  7. Fresh Windows 10 instalation + Office 2016 Professional and i had this issue. STEPS IN VIDEO FIXED IT !!!! THANKS


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  9. Nice video. I had to look at an article, but was able to pick this up. Created new string value and pasted. Then renamed. Although, deleted original file first based off video. This is the same issue that PDF documents have had since Windows 7, which is what I am still running on. The video is better than the articles anyone has written. All these errors have to do with incorrect registry paths, etc. Thanks for posting.

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