Trying Vietnamese Street Food at the Hoi An Night Market

Hi and welcome to Vietnam!
In this video we take you inside a real-life Vietnamese Night Market, as we walk around Hoi An’s famous walking street. The city of Hoi An comes to life at night as the south part of the city boasts one of Vietnam’s most popular night markets.
Like any night market you can expect to see plenty of cheap knock-off goods such as T-shirts, wallets and souvenirs. But this market has a few extras that makes it stand out from the rest. The two main differences in this night market are:
1) It’s food! There was such a diverse amount of street food on offer, from little snacks to frog on a stick! And of course we had to try them all. Vietnam being the famous street food country that it is did not at any point disappoint in the deliverance of a tasty dish, and Hoi An was no exception. If you do go to Hoi An and make your way south to the night market, we definitely recommend trying all the street food on offer!
2) The lanters. Hoi An is considered Vietnam’s most romantic city, where it’s rich lantern involved history plays a vital role in that. At the Hoi An night market expect to see numerous amounts of stalls selling handcrafted and elegantly designed lanters.
Of course as in the majority of our videos, we’ve stuck with the theme of presenting the prices of each item! When travelling it’s always difficult to budget when you don’t know the cost of things, so by us showing the cost of Vietnamese street food, we are hoping we can help other travellers be better prepared for their trip 🙂
We hope you enjoy our video!
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5 thoughts on “Trying Vietnamese Street Food at the Hoi An Night Market

  1. Wow Hoi An night market looks absolutely gorgeous. Never been in Vietnam. Will definitely put this on my bucket list. You have been in few Southeast Asian country. Any plan to go to Indonesia ?

  2. So many lanterns! Love the look! The night market looks amazing, so much food, the rice paper dish looks like a Viet version of a taco haha. Another great vlog guys!

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