This Is How HPV Causes Cancer

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, has a strange reputation. You might know of it as a sexually transmitted infection that causes uncomfortable warts, the papilloma, but you also might have heard that it can lead to a deadly form of cancer. Both are actually true, as is the possibility that you can have HPV and experience no symptoms whatsoever.
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Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer

The American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Prevention and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

The HPV Vaccine works best if given before having sex, and is recommended for up to 26 years of age. Recently, the CDC has approved it from 27 to 45 years of age.

Who Should Get HPV Vaccine?

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37 thoughts on “This Is How HPV Causes Cancer

  1. This was the first vaccine that we let our son decide whether or not to get for himself. He was 11 and his pediatrician gave him the explanation of the risks and benefits. This was before we knew how much a risk that HPV posed to boys. He opted to get the vaccination.

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  4. I have inflammation.
    I have )3) yep the doctor pulled it out ,looked in the tunnel and STATED "YOUR SKIN IS PRETTY DAVID". closing arguments

  5. HPV is a virus that cause silent infection which cause chronic inflammation without causing pain or symptoms only our body tries to repair inflammatory damage of tissue but with time the repair of cells makes mistakes causing a change is cell function — this is called Cancer — this old pediatric is WRONG and makes up a bad story seeker being part of it — KARMA will pay back

  6. That clip of the doctor saying "Anal Cancer, Penile Cancer" is gonna be used in a youtube poop, I can feel it in my bones

  7. I got the Gardisil vaccination way late, like at 24 years old. I'm a guy, by the way. I already caught hpv once and thought vaccination would help protect against other strains.

  8. didn't get my vaccine because my autism was too bad then and if you try to push something like a haircut on an autistic kid they won't do it

  9. Vitamin C 3000 MG And centrum multi vitamins CURE ALL DIEASES ALSO .NAC PILLS 1000 MG

  10. Why did this pop up in my newsfeed when all I watch is video game related videos on YouTube? 🤔 Also HPV is only a concern if you’re having multiple sex partners. If you or your significant other never had sex before and you’re both virgins, you’ll be fine. 👌🏻 Ok back to watching more PS5 news…

  11. Wild oregano oil will kill hpv but you must eat clean and remove heavy metals from your body using herbs like cilantro

  12. Thank you for having the animation graphics be easier on the eyes. I'm not trying to demean what it is and how it affects people, but some graphics trigger my anxiety and paranoia. I feel better knowing I can come to this chanel and be informed without harming my own psyche.

  13. Ahh! so this is that disease that all those wierd kids on the youtube ads keep talking about ! 🤔 i just skip as soon as it lets me after five seconds 😂

  14. Tell me more about this Virus 'DNA'…
    As a scientific channel a mistake like that shouldn't happen, Virus' have RNA.

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