This is How Estrogen Shortages Affect Trans Women | Mic Dispatch

In this two part series of Mic Dispatch, Serena Daniari looks into the chronic shortage of affordable, injectable estrogen within transgender communities. Then, Chantel Simpson spotlights The Era Footwork Crew, who are inspiring young people in Chicago through dance, specifically: footwork.

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13 thoughts on “This is How Estrogen Shortages Affect Trans Women | Mic Dispatch

  1. Wait, I thought they were "real" women too? Who knew? I thought trans women could just reproduce estrogen just like REAL women.

  2. What sort of level of incompetance leads to pharmacutical companies having a shortage of Estrogen! Do they have no control over thier own manufacturing and stock control!

  3. Why should they get estrogen. Real naturally born women should get it first. Not someone who just made a choice to pretend to be a woman.

  4. This is ridiculously irresponsible journalism. A generic Estradiol Valerate shortage should NOT be leading to anyone injecting silicone. It's akin to suggesting that shortages in Estradiol Valerate lead to trans folks injecting heroin. The effects of the two substances aren't remotely-equatable.

    Mic looks bad from this piece. Trans women look bad from this piece.

    A discussion on the reasons why trans women don't fall back on Estradiol pills or patches was an obvious and baffling omission here.

  5. First world problem. People don’t have food or clean water around the world. Women and lgbt are being killed and abused. And what?

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