The Rokit IO 3D PrO review in Mid 2019!

The ROKit IO Pro 3D Is a brand new smartphone released by a brand new company looking to bring 3D tech back into our hands.
Lets review the #RoKitIOPro3D and see if #ROKit will revolutionize this tech that we have all seen in other devices before.#3D
The Pro is our full throttle, heavyweight champion for the tech-savvy user who wants all the bells and whistles and then some. This unlocked 3D smartphone includes 64GB memory, a dual rear camera, 4G, Octa-core, dual-sim, fingerprint sensor, glasses-free, out-of-this-world 3D capabilities, ROKiT Launch Control to access your ROKiT services, ROK 3D Media Player, and ROK Talk.
Where to buy:
5.99″ touchscreen display and fingerprint sensor
Full HD+ smartphone with glasses-free 3D technology
64 GB memory, 4G, Octa-core, and dual-sim
Built-in 13 MP camera to record and capture 3D and 2D images and videos
Android 8.1, open device which works on all GSM carriers including AT&T and T-Mobile
Unlocked with ROK Talk with Wi-Fi calling, WhatsApp, and Facebook, ROK 3D Media Player, and ROK Launch Control
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The Rokit IO PrO 3D in Mid 2019,The Rokit IO PrO review 3D in Mid 2019!


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13 thoughts on “The Rokit IO 3D PrO review in Mid 2019!

  1. My boy Cyrano, please….please…do an update video on this. Maybe show a bit how you handle this phone, like files and stuff, not a lot of info on this on the web. Thanks for keeping it real. Keep at it.

  2. Wow 4GB of RAM 3D camera, 64 of eternal storage😮 that's a fast phone like the Apple but my question is how high is the quad-core on that phone and did they pay Nintendo for the 3D no glass display or is it made by Nintendo I'm going to do some research. Speaking of the Eternal memory space the higher it goes the faster that phone goes. The higher the quad-core the batter the graphics.

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