The most beautiful beach – four star Vietsovpetro Resort – Ho Tram

The most beautiful beach – Vietsovpetro Resort – Ho Tram

If you are in two minds about choosing a suitable place for summer time, I recommend that Ho Tram beach will be the most ideal destination. The beauty of Ho Tram beach has attracted a large number of local and international tourists every year. Ho Tram not only enjoys mild temperature but the nature here is also endowed with the clear crystal-like sea water and pristinely white sand of its 6km beach. On the seaside stands a range of palm, coconut trees and beach umbrellas, which invite you to enjoy the sun under its shape and give you a peaceful state of mind. Moreover, there is a variety of restaurants, hotels and souvenir stores near the seaside providing necessities to serve all the demands of tourists. On setting foot on this area, people can immerse themselves into stunning scenery and dreamy sea and be given many chances to enjoy delicious local food with typical smell and taste. In addition to, when night falls, you can walk along the coastline to enjoy the moonlight and the splendid beauty of the beach and have amazing and joyful moments. To put it briefly, Ho Tram beach has put a strong impression on me and I have an intention of visiting this place whenever possible.

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