The iPad Pro Only Challenge: iPadOS Made Me Do It

Welcome back to the channel guys! Finally pulled the trigger on a 12.9in iPad Pro and I am using it as a laptop replacement! Let’s see how this is going to shape up. I gave my computer away, so there is no going back!!

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What I Use:

Timbuk2 Messenger bag:

iPad Pro 12.9 inch:

iPad Pro Smart Folio Keyboard:

Yuteng TriPod:

External Battery:


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9 thoughts on “The iPad Pro Only Challenge: iPadOS Made Me Do It

  1. This is ridiculously funny. "ipadOS" is a re-arrange of widgets in to home screen and added dark-mode + a floating on-screen keyboard. It does not make it more of a laptop than iOS12 was. Its the same apps still running, same features (or lack of) and that's it. Just because Apple says so, does not mean it is true.

    // Sent from my iPad Pro 12,9 2018 running "ipadOS".

  2. I love your channel! Is that home page display with the time and other widgets only in the iPad OS? I have Version 12.4.1 right now and don’t have that widget view.

  3. Just a heads up that on iOS all browsers use the same webkit base so they are functionally all safari, just the front end is different

  4. Very nice video 🙂 I understand what you say about Chrome extensions and that's the reason why I bought a Tab S4 from Samsung instead the Apple iPad Pro. I know, sounds crazy but Linux on Dex is more useful for me than other specific iPad app. But for sure when we got a full desktop class chrome browser in the iPad, I will definitely go for the iPad.

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