The FREEZER Upgrade! [Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO Review]

Arctic Revamped The Freezer CPU Coolers! What Upgrades Did The Freezer 34 Bring? Are they Worth It?
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41 thoughts on “The FREEZER Upgrade! [Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO Review]

  1. Very nice review, I like the camera work. If you want a great budget build CPU cooler, that looks awesome with the RGB lighting effect. Then you want to go with the Deepcool Gammaxx GTE. It has lowered my temps by 15-20 C even during game play. Ryzen 5 2400G, OC to 4Ghz, and IGPU at 1350MHZ on 1.1125 Volts.

  2. At around 60% fan speed my 34 eSports Duo makes a really annoying and noticeably audible humming sound. It's like a low-pitched whine. Is this due to a defect in my fans, or is yours the same? It's audible when sitting about 5 feet away from my closed PC case.

  3. I just subbed. I'm wanting a new cooler because my dumb 212 Evo isn't AM4 compatible and since I'm only doing a very minor overclock, I don't want to shell out $90 for a Noctua or Dark Rock, plus I want a lower profile than them. Awesome video.

  4. Nice review, man !! This cooler looks very nice and performers well. What should i buy for a 3700x ? freezer 34 duo or scythe fuma 2 ? I can't decide.

    Could you help me ?

  5. I found the fan clips to be unfriendly when you pop one lead off of the cooler.

    Performance is good. I hit 73C on blender. on a 3600 auto OC'd to 3.975GHz.In AMD Master, that is 88W.
    Under gaming loads, its 54C or so. And even when it gets up in to the 70s, as soon as the process stops, temps drop fast.

    I have the fan curve set so that it only break 1600rpm above the high 50s. And near 70, its 1800 or so.

    it comes with thermal paste. dont use their instructions. it comes with AM4 brackets. and its $40.

    setup: meshify C, 2x 140mm noctua on the front (that rarely break 1000rpm), stock fans otherwise.

    I cut the paste packet weird, and it emitted small tubes of paste. I dont think that is ideal. I might repaste it, with thicker output, and make it more rectangular to match the contact area.
    Doubt it will make much of a difference though

  6. Looks awesome. A cool tower cpu cooler without rgb with 2 fans and totally black colored radiator. Would be nice if it could be totally black with fans too.

  7. Can you comment on the contact area to the heatsink? Did it need to be stoned? Curiosity and internet searching hasn’t shown me anything I’m interested in knowing about so I bought a noctura over this cooler. What I’m trying to say is did you get what you paid for?40$ is 40$ I mean.

  8. Thoughts on this vs the Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B for a 3600. (Just 5 bucks more than the Arctic in my country). Mostly interested in quietness and the Mugen seems to be more silent but I'm not so sure.

  9. I got the single fan version due to availability. The extra fan on the cooler itself makes less than a degree C difference according to Arctic's website, but it is extremely cheap to buy as a bundle, so get it if you can and use the extra fan as case intake perhaps.

    The build quality of the cooler itself is superb. I don't like idle mode (although it works fine) so I keep at 20% base and up to 60% under load, which it doesn't reach with a stock Ryzen 1700. Under continuous Cinebench the CPU stays at 54 degree C, the cooler fan at 950RPM, the two case fans I have are also set below 1000RPM.

    The main reason I got this cooler – it came with AM4 mounting option in the box, compared to some other popular tower coolers.

  10. Nice video 🙂 here in the UK this is rated on Amazon as "#1 Best Seller in Car Engine Radiator Fan Clutches" ha ha ha!!!

  11. Can someone rank the Hyper 212 black , freezer 34, gammaxx 400 and the cheap cryorig(dont know the name) please thanksb

  12. Im so confused, I keep seeing the gammaxx 400 beating coolers which cost far more and should be performing far better than it. Whats going on ?

  13. can anybody test this cooler please?
    Alpenföhn Matterhorn White Edition Rev. C , and your review is very informative and i like it. this cooler is also very interesting and looking good
    Gelid Solution Phantom Black . i am interested in testing it on ryzen cpu`s,esspecially on most selling ryzen 2600. thanks

  14. Gawddamit bro are you a bot? I was googling this cooler a minute ago. I had the Arctic Freezer 33 and was very happy with it except for the mounting system, which is completely overhauled (and much easier) on the 34 series

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