The COMPLETE Guide to Smart Objects in Photoshop

All You Need to Know About Smart Objects in Photoshop! This is THE MOST Comprehensive Guide including all the amazing tricks, techniques and ways you can use Smart Objects whether you are compositing, designing, or editing your images.

Right from the core concepts to the most advanced applications, we will cover it all. Please refer the following index to guide you through the video.

00:10 Why Do We Need Smart Objects?
00:21 Advantages of RAW Images as Smart Objects
02:39 Using ACR to Open RAW Image as a Smart Object
04:11 The ‘Pixel’ Concept of Smart Objects
07:54 Example of Smart Objects vs. Regular Raster Layers
10:35 Blur the Background with Smart Filters
14:48 The Power of Smart Groups
18:22 Creating Mockups with Smart Objects
23:49 Using ‘Replace Contents’ to Your Advantage
28:16 Embedded vs. Linked Smart Objects
35:38 Making Duplicate Smart Objects Unique
37:05 Creating a Smart Reflection
39:54 Limitations of Smart Objects
41:51 Conclusion and the Idea of Non-Destructive Editing

Hope this video helps you 🙂 Thank you for watching!

1. Billboard Mockup Image:
2. Composite Sample Image:
3. Finished PSDs: (Only for our Patreon Family)

1. Blur the Background:
2. Working with Mockups:

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49 thoughts on “The COMPLETE Guide to Smart Objects in Photoshop

  1. Thank you Unmesh for your valuable tutorials. You are a gifted teacher. Your tutorials are exceptionally well thought through and clearly delivered.

  2. Absolutely loved this video. I love most of your videos they're so clear and detailed. Plus the way you speak makes everything you say very easy to understand.

  3. Question; I'm working with RAW files, and opening them as smart objects so that I can go back and make changes to the camera raw settings if needed. This works well but…I've run into an issue that I can't seem to find a work around for. I place a blank layer above the smart object so that I can do blemish removal with the spot healing brush tool primarily. Looks great, works great, yay!! But…I decide I want to change the exposure or bring shadows up a bit at the RAW level. As soon as I do this, of course the removed blemishes retain the appropriate exposure settings, shadows, color, etc. from the original…..

    Is there any way at all around this? I've googled and searched youtube but it's a very specific thing and difficult to search for. Any ideas?

  4. Hi! Thanx for your work! It helps a lot. I have a question.
    Sometimes when I use smart in smart I get some pixelization on the edge of smart layer
    Can I avoid sharpen or any types of brake pixels when using smart in smart?

  5. At 0:31, "increase the clarity and the ???" What did he say? Sounded like, "increase the clarity and the 'dee-hicks'?". I'm not sure, I played it back several times and I still can't make out what he said.

  6. I used the perspective-placement method (billboard soap ad) you show starting at 18:30 and IT WORKS SO BEAUTIFULLY! Now that I have my top layer image "perspectiv-ized," I'm trying to figure out how to get the modulation of light in my underlying layer to more realistically affect unmasked areas of the top layer. THANK YOU!!!

  7. I can never figure out why when I start with a huge res photo on the PSB, and save it, when I go back to the PSD, the resolution ends up so rasterized and ugly.

  8. Why do your adjustments show up below the layer (smart object) you are working on (indented). Mine show up stacked above. Does this matter? Always a question when watching these videos when you try to duplicate the lesson. 🙁

  9. Awesome video! Question for you. If I have multiple smart objects in a single document how can I individually change each smart object? So, I have three smart objects. I want each to be a different image. When I click "replace contents" it replaces all three smart objects contents. How do I individually change each?

  10. Dude, I had already been doing the smart object billboard mockup technique you demonstrated prior to watching your vid (I'm proud to say by just playing around on my own with smart objects 😁✌🏻), but you went one extra step beyond me and taught me that clipping mask technique!! Killer value delivered again my friend. You are Damn Awesome at what you do! Greatly Greatly Appreciate you and the work you share Man. 😊 ✌🏻&❤️

  11. Thank you for making educational videos like these. I know these don't get as many views but I just want you to know that I (and many others) appreciate what you do.

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