The Best iPad Wall Mount for Your Smart Home – VidaBox iPad Wall Mount Review and Installation

Today I made use of an old iPad Air that wasn’t getting much use by mounting it to my wall to serve as a controller for my smart home. This is a review and installation of the VidaMount On-Wall Slim Tablet Mount made by VidaBox.

On Amazon: VidaMount Black On-Wall Tablet Mount Compatible with iPad 9.7 (5th / 6th Gen), Pro 9.7″, Air 1/2:

VidaBox Website: On-Wall Slim Tablet Mount by VidaBox:

Windy Tech’s video: Elago Home Hub Wall Mount Review :

I’m a big fan of Apple’s Homekit technology and am always looking for AFFORDABLE smart home options that work well with Homekit.

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16 thoughts on “The Best iPad Wall Mount for Your Smart Home – VidaBox iPad Wall Mount Review and Installation

  1. Great videos- I like em! You earned yourself a new sub!
    Out of curiosity, what security camera system are you using that you can constantly have the feed up? Thanks!

  2. Hey Shane, what are the cameras sending the feeds? Btw, i have Ecobee4 & room sensor but honestly at the end of the day in my home automation, i just need a smart capable thermostat. Keeping with your on a budget theme, there are just as a capable thermostats for much less. Is it cool that Alexa is built in… sorta however they don’t tell you that Alexa speaker can’t be part of a speaker group… so when i play music to the all speakers group, no Audio can be played on any of the 3 thermostats, 2 of which where i don’t have speakers in that area. I can’t use that speaker to announce when doors open or close, when the wife gets home etc.. like i can on all the other echo dots b/c it doesn’t show up an option. So I would suggest check the Honeywell Lyric Tstats.. they are about 1/2 the price & HomeKit compatible.

  3. Hey Shane! I was looking for some homekits automation and then dropped by and just enjoyed it a lot. Rly!

    I’m from Brazil and I’m looking for a way to automate my house and kinda liked ur whole setup… would there have any possibility for you to show us all ur stuff? I mean, like a tour…
    thx for sharing with us so far 🙂

  4. Awesome video! Just a heads up, I’m sure you probably know already, but a super cheap solution to adding a ton of “non-compatible” smart home products to home HomeKit is by using a rasperberry pi. These little devices cost no more than $30 and it’s made it so much easier to add a ton of non supported products like my nest, garage door openers, and my tp-link Kasa switches.

  5. Shane,
    For less than 200 subs your videos are top notch! The editing quality and content is great. I'm about to get into making my apartment Homekit enabled. I've been watching all your videos and just wanted to say don't stop!!! I'm so glad Apple opened up the requirements for smart devices to be Homekite capable. We're starting to see more and more companies hop on the Homekit train (except for Nest of course…).

  6. Best video yet, Shane. Awesome solution. Feels like you just made an Apple-centric version of the Google Home Hub. Very cool. If you’re looking for smart thermostats, I absolutely love Ecobee … works with HomeKit too!

  7. I think your research really paid off.📚 That’s a nice looking wall mount. … And having the Server on the opposite wall… bonus! 🛠

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