34 thoughts on “Thai Instant Ramen & Snacks Tao Kae Noi Food Review

  1. I've never tried the Thai snacks. Interesting. I am fond of Korean nori snacks though. Nice and salty with good amount of umami. 😋

  2. Hooray, more reviews from you and your okaasama! I'll be on the lookout for the Big Roll and instant noodles. I've had their tempura nori. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

  3. I enjoyed watching this! Your Mom is so cute…such a good sport and u can read her expression on her face! I tried that brand, the rolled nori but I didn’t care for it. The flavor or something is off. So nice to see her doing so well and happy and engaging !

  4. Your mom is always so adorable & sweet! She is going to have to share her skin care secrets her skin looks lovely as yours too! I’ll have to look for these brands of nori the rolls, are great to keep in my desk at work, they would be a fabulous low cal nutritional snack! Thank you both for sharing ! So glad I found you from your brother’s channel 💖💖💖

  5. I'm with okaasan on this – korean nori is nicer. Not a huge fan of these tae no koi.. it's ok but i won't get cravings for them!

  6. Hello to you Niki&your cute mamma. I love Thai food, recently spent a month there. TomYum is awesome, think when I get to Honolulu I know which supermarket I will live in. Today by coincidence I took mum two packs of Orange magnesium powder, mum giggled as she bought two of the exact ones this week, sometimes we are in sync. Mum is the cook, I cannot cook so glad to eat mamma's cooking like you. Thanks fot taste test

  7. Thanks for the review! I've seen demos at DQ but I just passed by. Your Mom looks so cute trying the different snacks and doing her own nori comparison!

  8. 😍😁 omg you guys are so funny! Then Niki no Mama doesn't want to say anything bad, but she is definitely not loving all of them… And then gets the Japanese brand!! I cracked up so hard!! 🤣😂 much love to you both!

  9. This is so much fun to see you both trying the Ramen and the Nori, your Okasa is such a good sport to try them all, and I love her reaction and facial expression when she doesn't like one of them, you both made me giggle. Thanks so much Niki, this was a great video, I'm loving your T-shirt. The noodles looked yummy. Have a great day, see you soon, bye for now.

  10. Oh my gosh! Your okasama is too kawaii! I’m over here cracking up! I love how she’s saying “ma-ma ne, oishiku nai, shoppai ne, karai, omoshiroi, nani kore, then gomennasai.” ☺️ I just adore your mama! She truly IS a great sport!!! I’m with you sister! The Big Roll is amazing! Yoku yata ne sister—with filling the hole with gohan! ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you for sharing, even if okasama reached for the kankoku no nori! Now I want ramen!

  11. Hello Mom and Niki !❤🙋 All the nori snacks looked tasty ; I love the tempura nori snacks the best 😉 it's great to see your mom and you having a good time together ❤ Fun to see your pup in the back round too 👍

  12. I like those seaweed rolls but they are on the spicy side. It'll be yummy crushed and sprinkled over hot rice. I have got to try the tom yum ramen. Love spicy soups like that and tan tan men and yook gae jang. Watching you two eat ramen makes me want a bowl, too!

  13. I do not think, I have seen the ramen on the mainland. I love their nori snacks, usually in, either instant Ramen, or Udon, as condiments. Yes, I too think the nori, alone, has a…… strange taste to them. Of course, grandma, would prefer the Japanese/ Korean nori better, she is used to the way they taste. Great video, as usual. How is the live streaming going? I have not seen notifications for them, recently.

  14. This is fun to see you both trying to ramen and treats! I've had the Big Roll snacks. I love the texture of the super-crunchy nori, but the ones I have here are too spicy for me. The Z Roll snacks make me think of Satoshi somehow; they look like umaibo snacks rolled in nori. I wonder if he would like them? He loves umaibo so much. I've had some seaweed snacks I bought at the local Asian market here that were really yummy. It's almost like a crispy nori sandwich with finely chopped nuts (almonds) in the middle. I think they were from Korea. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes to you and your mother! PS Nickey, I think your blouse is wonderful!

  15. Okasama is so cute! She tells it like it is by not saying anything! Lol. The noodles looked good. I've tried some of those rolled nori & it was spicy! Not all that! I'm with you mom! 👍

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