Thai Airways FOOD REVIEW – Flying From Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan to Bangkok

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I flew Thai Airways from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan back home to Bangkok, Thailand. This video shows the entire process, starting from Sapporo Station back to Bangkok.
First of all, before catching the JR Rail train to the airport, I put my suitcase in a locker in Sapporo Station and had a quick lunch. They have a number of locker sizes, but many for 500 JPY ($4.48) for the day.
JR Rail to Airport – 1,590 JPY ($14.26) – You can buy JR train tickets for cheaper if you don’t reserve a seat, but you also run the risk of having to stand for the entire journey. But it’s up to you, they have JR trains running in either direction and it’s convenient and easy to use.
New Chitose Airport – We arrived to New Chitose Airport, the airport that serves Sapporo, and headed straight to catch our flight on Thai Airways.
The food serves on Thai Airways for this flight was Japanese food style because the plane left from Japan. Overall, food was ok, not the best airplane food I’ve had, but the bad.
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26 thoughts on “Thai Airways FOOD REVIEW – Flying From Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan to Bangkok

  1. “Oh a little bit of turbulence now. We’re shaking.”
    You are a brave man.
    When I experience turbulence I crap in my shorts.

  2. Hi Mark! Love ur plane food videos. Please please Try Qatar Airways so I can choose which airline in the Middle East shld I fly on

  3. Mark return flights west are always longer as the earth is turning against you as you travel east the earth turns with you so your journey is shorter ….
    Great videos as always 👍🏽

  4. I Just Wonder how can you be so humble your nature is just making me your fan again and again lots of love and respect and yes I wonder if there is any food you really don't like to eat that please do share with us all

  5. this guy makes like close to a million dollars a year from his youtube and flying a economy instead of 1st class. what a cheapo. also his friend just leeches off him and gets free trips or he pays for his own stuff?

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