Testing Beauty Products | Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask!

After some very crazy couple of weeks my skin is definitely starting to feel the lack of sleep.. so this week I’m trying and giving you my first impressions of this crystal collagen gold eye mask. Please Like and Subscribe for more videos every week! 😀

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16 thoughts on “Testing Beauty Products | Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask!

  1. Andrea, you are such a beautiful young lady. Not a wrinkle, blemish or pimple on your porcelain perfect skin! Stop putting all this makeup junk on your face. Older women spend thousands of dollars trying to turn back the hands of time to get their skin to look like yours does. When you reach 40 yrs old, you too will be trying to regain the skin you have right now. LEAVE YOUR BEAUTY ALONE! Appreciate your natural beauty.

  2. Really nice video, thank you for sharing 🙂 I am thinking of trying those eye pads or very similar ones that I saw on wish

  3. I got mines for wish for about $3 12 pk.. I noticed after I have a shine maybe glow. I guess that is suppose to happen. I love them❤️

  4. Hello,i just suscribeed 2 ur channel and likee this review,have those undreye golden patches and theey work just amazing….can u hit suscribe ack 2 me on my chnl pls,4 suport eachother xo…Thank you lovely…Like ur channel!!!

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