TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 480GB SSD Review | Cheap, But Faster Than Its Specs!

– full written review here

The TeamGroup L5 3D Lite series of drives is a cheaper selection of 2.5 inch SATA SSDs from the company. The question is though, how well do the drives perform?

In this video, we’re going to be benchmarking the TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 480GB drive and see if the drive performs better than even its specs.

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25 thoughts on “TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 480GB SSD Review | Cheap, But Faster Than Its Specs!

  1. Full review here –

  2. problem with unknown chinese re-brand drives…is the quality like my clone satellite receivers rebrand with many names and made from china with USA address …die after 1-year heavy use due to overheating issue..these drives don't have heatsinks when i open one myself..its crap trust me you will thank me Paul..its cheap yes but crap cause it doesn't have any cooling like its thicker brothers

  3. 1967 folks have viewed this video but only 192 have rated it. What the hell happened to the other 1775 viewers?. I prefer reviewers who don't take bribes from companies as they tend to give impartial opinions.

  4. I just got the 1TB version of this SSD from Newegg in the US ($79 USD). I've run a few tests and renders on it this week and haven't seen any issues so far… I'm planning to use it on my Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

    UPDATE: I used this SSD on a full 2 day shoot with my camera and it worked fined. I filled it to capacity and just copied all the files off. The camera is pretty demanding recording RAW cinema dng files, so this is a good SSD.

  5. I can't do less than 1 TB SSD's any more which is funny because I only had 1 SSD before that and that one has a capacity of '500 GB'. The value isn't there, you need to look at the cost per GB. A 1 TB MX 500 has the same cost per GB but is better in every way. Also you don't want your entire SSD to be full. For NVMe the 660p is a nice value option until the PCIe4-supporting NVMe-SSD's get affordable.

  6. I don't know why Tech Channeles always say:
    "They sent us a review sample,but it's not a sponsored video.".

    You got a free thing to play or whatever with it.
    For FREE,unlike most of us that need to pay for it.
    Sent by company who made it,not by some buddy of yours.
    It IS a sponsored video.
    NOTHING wrong with having a sponsored video,just don't pretend otherwise.

  7. Tried teamgroup with their 500gb ssd, it came defective. Guess the price is saved due to lack of quality control. Now I have an Intel SSD 🙂

  8. 1: What cell type is it? SLC, MLC, TLC or QLC? I can't find that information anywhere.

    2: Does it have high speed cache memory? If yes, how much?

    3: What controller is it?

  9. I can't speak for Team Group SSD but I can for their ram I have 2x8Ggb 3200Mhz Ram Dark Pro and I would certainly buy it again. Works fine no problems.

  10. SSDs still need to come down to truly replace disk platter hard drives.

    500gb and ssd 1tb drives are cheaper, yes, but 2gb and 4gb hard drives are still very expensive.

    A 2tb m.2 NVME drive is still north of $400 and there are no m.2 drives over 2tb. A slow 4tb slow ssd is still $400,$500+

    Consumer M.2 NVME will need to go to 4tb and regular 2.5 inch ssds to 8tb before you can talk about replacing platter drives.

    Once a 2tb m.2 PCI 4 SSD is $150, then I'll get excited

  11. It's kinda meaningless to benchmark a low-end SSD. Its not as though they are going to be any faster or slower just because they use lower-quality NAND. It DOES mean that they might not last as long, though, or be more prone to failure… which you can't really benchmark for.

    I stay away from low-quality rebranders like this. Stick with OEMs (Samsung, Micron/Crucial, Intel, Toshiba, etc).


  12. the amazon uk link is for a 240gb drive, and the amazon usa link is for a 480gb drive, Same price but half the capacity, Scratch's Head ???…

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul.

    With an M.2 SSD you save 2 cables which makes your cable management less of a problem.

  14. I can't speak for Team Group SSD but I can for their ram I have 2x8Ggb 3200Mhz Ram Dark Pro and I would certainly buy it again. Works fine no problems.

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