Surface Pro vs iPad Pro: the Best Choice for Digital Artists?

A simple hardware review for the Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro. ONLY focusing on how well I think they work as a supplemental art device for on-the-go painting and sketching.
This video was meant to be half as long, but I ramble a bit too much. I know there aren’t any in-depth tech info or stats in this video, but it’s more of a “how does this make me feel” review. Definitely take with a grain of subjectivity.
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40 thoughts on “Surface Pro vs iPad Pro: the Best Choice for Digital Artists?

  1. How the hell did he get a 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd gen for 400$? Even if it’s used that’s crazy. I’m trying to find one used and they’re all over 700$

  2. Does Apple throttle and cause software issues with older models of their iPads the way they do with their phones? This video and a few others have made me consider buying an iPad pro, but I don't want to have to continually upgrade because they want you to buy more of their stuff.

  3. Since i can undo mistakes, ive never gone back to regular paper ctfu. I also use the sketchbook app on my surface pro and its pretty nice. I agree that the surface pro pencil isnt that great but i got used to it over time.

  4. You definitely sold me the iPad… I'm so Thankful to you right now. I've been googling and going through YouTube looking for the right portable digital tablets. And now I've finally made up my mind. Love your Art by the way, and that paperlike thing seems to be really useful. Thank you once again.

  5. Thanks man. I'm a hater of the whole Apple cult, so it's been paining me to consider joining the cult…. But hearing someone of a similar mindset give it such an endorsement at least makes me feel a bit better that at least it's not just all Apple zombies singing praise.

  6. hey i discovered your channel recently and you are insanely helpfull. More so then any other toturial, channel or other media i consumed in the last years to improve my drawings. Thanks for that.

  7. SINIX i've waited a whole month for this year's ani-may on procreate and now its my birthday in two days so you gotta. I know you're busy but you gotta😡

  8. A little disappointed that you didn't point out the flaws of the PaperLike Sinix. While the texture is nice and toothier than others out there, but you also didn't mention that it highly downgrades the visual quality of your iPad. Normal matte screen protectors also lowers screen quality with visible grains, but PaperLike takes it up another notch: once you put it on, as well as the usual matte grains, you can very visibly see rainbow stripes running vertically down the screen. It is a decent screen protector for work, writing/taking notes, or doing quick line sketches, but definitely not recommended for painting or serious artwork.

  9. This guy's experience is exactly like mine. I HATE iOS and the Apple ecosystem. But I gotta say the iPad is great for art and media consumption. I also got the 2nd gen iPad Pro used for really cheap. Highly recommend getting the 2nd gen for artists. The new one is only useful if you know exactly why you need the upgraded specs. Otherwise the 2nd gen one is still a powerhouse that does the same thing at 120 frames just like the 3rd gen pro.

  10. I've been thinking about whether to invest on an iPad Pro or Surface Pro if I want to have a portable device for drawing. Many thanks for helping me decide!

  11. I wonder if any of you creators ever use blender. I keep hearing blender is the ultimate software for everything now it beats out the pro software too. It's even got this one of a kind feature that allows you to draw 2D on a 3D realm

  12. Good review. I though totally prefer my Surface Pro over any Apple product. Now I have to say that as much as I hate the IPad, my adult daughter thinks The IPad is the best by far. So in short, I say try both and get what you want. My daughter and I are both very productive and love the features we use on each device. Thanks for the review OP.

  13. thanks for your review. 10/10 is a bit to much for me tbh. The iPads are great devices, but there are enough things they can do better. The issue i have with the iPads for daily use is the file system around it. When you want to create / finish work for clients.. the SP6 is the winner in this area. Full OS and acces to all the tools you can dream of. Clipstudio, photoshop, illustrator, affinity, corel, sketchbook, etc etc etc. And a file system! Ah well… we all seek for different things right 🙂

  14. HOLY SHIT THANKS FOR THAT TABLET THING HHHH. I'm a surface owner because apple stuff is so expensive.
    But the lag only happens on battery saver mode but also with a higher ram and core processors is good. Surface pro 6 being the best one. 4 overheats like crazy.

  15. Not a reasonable price comparison but if you bite the bullet and go for the surface book that separates into a tablet you can put it into a clipboard mode that splits up the work between the tablet and the keyboard (with its own GPU) without losing any access to the screen.

    It vaguely gets around the unacceptable thermals which up until now I thought were an issue with my surface specifically. Also if you get one you'd better like drawing because other than basic computer operation games and movies aren't largely enjoyable on a screen with that low of a refresh rate.

    Don't know if either of these were fixed in later releases but the model 1 isn't great. However I'm experiencing no hard crashes or instability so it may be down to the type of surface you have or they patched out a lot of the kinks

  16. This is so helpful, I have been watching videos of what should I get as an upgrade and just watching this makes me confidence about my answer, Ipad Pro it is 🙂

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