Another STREET FOOD video! This time I visit the Night Market in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Located on Nguyen Hoang Street in the center of town on the island An Hoi.


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4 thoughts on “STREET FOOD – Hoi An NIGHT MARKET – Vietnam

  1. Dude frog is actually really yummy and she’s not lying it literally taste like chicken . In Chinese it’s literally called the rice paddie Chicken haha

  2. I used to get these sweet rolls that were covered in sesame seeds that this little old Vietnamese lady about 90 years old made at the market in Port Arthur Texas in 1976 , they were so good never have seen them again after I moved away . I don't know what she called them , when they were fresh out of the hot oil man they were good I would sit and eat about 6 of them while her granddaughter translated story's she would tell me about home . I was in the navy and in Vietnam from 1973 to the evacuation in 1975 and spent the rest of my time in the US . I would love to see
    Vietnam and all the Far East now . Have a great day .

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