Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™

More gameplay and less ethics than leading brand space sims.

Buy it here:
Or here if site is overloaded:

UPDATE – Developers gave me direct links which should work.
Download links (0.9.1a):

And here’s some alternate download links on my google drive and

Credits to FASTLAND (
for intro and outro theme.

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41 thoughts on “Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™

  1. "most of your time as with real life will be spent figuring out how to make as much money as possible. you can see why I love this game. it runs in my blood"
    know that I know sseth is Jewish, it really put this line in perspective ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. I was convinced to buy and play this game a week ago, I'm still having a blast. Luckily I had my 1 month off from work approved and told them Im going to set sail (in the sea of stars).

  3. So, this how you support products of the labor of others?I strongly condemn you!

    Um~~~so good~~(Slap oneself in the face)

  4. God king Sseth not only gives out his key for people to try the game, the DEVS GIVE HIM A DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK AND THE SITE CRASHED

  5. If only Sseth could clone himself to make a lot of videos frequently so we'd never have to wait…
    But I guess the wait makes them even more valuable.
    I hope to join the Merchant Guild in the future.
    Good vid as always

  6. Sseth you missed an opportunity to insert some Lord of War clips in here. This is literally interstellar Lord of War simulator, or at least that's how I've been playing it.

  7. playing starsector with this in the background is the most stressful thing on the planet, i hear alerts and shit that dont actually exist

  8. I'm pretty broke and sick all the time so I dont get much in the way of newer entertainment so on a boring monday night receiving access to something so monumentally enjoyable has kind of been a morale reaffirming blessing, ty for the serial key, will buy when able, also i really appreciate the devs of this game being willing to do this, i hope it brings them even more of the success they deserve

  9. Thanks for this Video!
    Looks like a much more detailed an in depth version of a game by the trese brothers I purchased a long time ago on mobile called star traders RPG, I loved that shit. I would've had no idea another indie company took the idea and expanded on it so brilliantly if not for this video.

  10. This video inspired me to buy the game again. Had it before in 2013, I think, but I've since gotten a new PC and email. Oh well, I think it's gonna be totally worth it.

  11. I never really was into slower paced strategy games like this, I guess I'm too much of a brainlet troglodyte, but I decided to try this one out. 10/10, new favorite game

  12. Do you anyone playing the game never try to fight a remnant station they are literally impossible to beat even with the most powerful ships in the game and a fleet worth Millions of credits they are over powered and broken do a degree you can’t possibly imagine

  13. I played the game and re-watched the video. 11:17 That one mission is HOT and would normally be withdrawn within seconds. Colony management at first a massive money sink but is very rewarding. AI cores just get the job done faster. Alpha Core administrators don't count towards your colony control limit that's why you can have so many.

    My seed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) –> AN-834845239761796507 – Duzahk system 4th planet right in the middle of the core systems. Farming/Organics 0, Rare ore +1, Common Ore +2, 50% Hazard
    Beware the Draco constellation! There is a jungle planet on one of the 4 systems but an AI fleet will find and kill you. I look forward to decommissioning them in the future.

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