Solo Trip to Bhutan by Road | Phuntsholing | How to get a permit for Indians? | Bhutan Series Intro

HELLO MY PEOPLE. I’m visiting Bhutan solo by road, and this is the first video in the series. The nearest airport is Bagdogra airport although you can also fly Druk Airways and land directly at Paro (expensive option). From Bagdogra it takes about 5 hours to reach Phuntsholing by road and you can get a taxi from right outside the airport. At Phuntsholing border you will require a permit to visit beyond the 5 km border radius. The visa entry is otherwise free, but the permit is issued for 7 days based on some background checks and upon submission of the following documents –
1) Photocopy of your identity card – Passport/Voter’s ID card
2) An immigration form that is provided at any shop near Immigration office
3) Proof of stay of onward journey (You will need confirmed proof of booking for atleast first night in Thimphu/Paro)
4) One passport size photograph
5) For all solo female travellers – Please write a hand written undertaking stating that you are responsible for your own safety and address it to The Immigration Officer, Immigration office, Phuntsholing Bhutan,
For getting a permit at the earliest, please reach the office at 8:30 am with all your documents and stand in a queue. The office opens at 9:00 am. In my case I got the permit within half hour because I arrived early.
For booking the same hotel that I stayed in, you can use the following link –
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48 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Bhutan by Road | Phuntsholing | How to get a permit for Indians? | Bhutan Series Intro

  1. contact Nidup +975 7777990 for further details to organise a tour in Bhutan. cheap and affordable package available including home stay.

  2. Why solo male travel is not possible can you please explain,,,,, i am planning to make a solo travel to bhutan in October… I like some words about the use of solo travelling…. I am also a loneliness lover

  3. Hey 🖐 saw ur video and it's great. Can u please let me know how much does it cost for solo traveller to visit bhutan

  4. You are the most humble travel blogger ever ..we live in Indo Bhutan area near Jaigaon.So cool to see you in Bhutan.Our frequent and easiest getaway olwas.

  5. You're damned cute, sexy and charming…I'm sure that you would be a good moaner too…I'm being fascinated and hypnotised by you personally. you a lot.

  6. Hey guys I am from Bhutan and I would love to help you all with anything related to can contact me through Facebook @ Nishal Paul Chhetri or email me at enjoy your stay in Bhutan 🇧🇹

  7. Well you were wrong on that male solo travellers not allowed point. But yup watching your videos do bring smile. Keep it up….

  8. I stay in Phunentsholing, and this video made me go like OMG! Never have I seen such beautiful video made.
    This is the place where your journey starts to rest of the country. In a nutshell:
    1.People are kind, ask them any thing they won't scam you of anything.
    2. All forms of tobacco is band, so never smoke openly, get to the corner if you have to 😊
    3.Cabs are available 24 hrs. I recommend an apps for local tour ( Oie app and druk ride app)
    4. Cabs for tourist may go up to 1K for single as per season (pling to Thimphu)
    5. find any Bhutanese ( from a travel agent would be great) as ask them for help, like in Immigrantion and finding a cab(tell them to negotiate the rate) can come down to 750/- and that's the rate for local Bhutanese.
    6. Most importantly, never litter! The CCTVs are installed in ever streets. So you would be fined a huge sum. 😇
    7. And the list goes on! I hope this info. Will help you and get around our country. Have a safe stay in Bhutan.
    Oh yeah! The crime rates is very very low. Don't worry about it, just dial 113 that's for police, in case sth happens! And the weather is great here in Thimphu!

  9. How do you manage flight fare and how did you reached bhutan by train/ flight and which month ia perfect for bhutan and suppouse if you want to go in december so will you suggest bhutan or not ? And else place you can suggest me

  10. Hi, please do reply to this comment .
    I want to know how much in total this Bhutan trip costed you.
    I really want to explore Butan on solo travel , i just loved your video …,seems like there is no fear going alone.

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