Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar – Blow your mind 3D AUDIO – Listen here! – REVIEW

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30 thoughts on “Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar – Blow your mind 3D AUDIO – Listen here! – REVIEW

  1. Hey peeps. If you didn't know, Sennheiser announced this morning NEW Momentum 3 and PXC550 headphones. I'm on it #teamJRR !!! If you haven't already, add me on my personal
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  2. you said "record player" compatible. does it actually have a real phono input (pre-amp w/ the RIAA EQ curve??). that would be surprisingly cool.. but I think you misspoke …

  3. Biggest issue with this sound bar is the price. For that price you can set up a true 5.1 system, and a pretty good one at that.

  4. Aarrrgh! Ear infection. Completely deaf in my right ear until it's fixed. Sigh! Sob! Mumble! Grumble!…… Thanks for the video.

  5. Jim :- What is going on YouTube ….

    Meanwhile me :- This video will help me decide something better ….

    YouTube :- Just showing the same Advertisement for ummmm, Lost The Count .

  6. I was able to buy an Onkio receiver, two Onkio tower speakers , two Klipsh tower speakers a Klipsch 10 inch powered Sub Woofer and Klipsh Center channel plus two Klipsch in ceiling Atmos speakers AND a Fluance RT-84 Turntable for less than this.

  7. I think sound bars are for beginners i’d rather save more money and buy a real home theater trust me when I tell you this I Own sound bar And a 13.2 home theater there’s a huge difference between both the sound bar it doesn’t even come close to the home theater performance

  8. This review was spot on. I actually just bought the unit and I completely concur. I don't think it's meant to suit every need, price price point or compete with any one of the dozens of configurations you could possible have in a setup. It is pricey…YES. But it's also unique, extremely high quality and in my opinion, produces 3D sound like no other soundbar on the market. Again, just my opinion….as an actual owner. Well done review!

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