28 thoughts on “SAO's Legend Gameplay Part 1

  1. I think I saw quite a few games that are exactly the same as this one but with different sprites. I wonder if they all came from the same company :p

  2. oh so another game with half the game behind a micro transaction paywall where you gotta regularly pay money for "vip" status of varying levels just to experience half the game

  3. for this SAO Legend does it have to be download and also does it have virus if i download the game like (if)…. is it free sign up no download am i correct, have u try tht urself b4 when u play it!!!

  4. Sword Art Online Memory Defrag is better than this, and it's a freaking mobile game
    [I mean auto-battle, really,
    why just why, would they ruin a game like that?!]

  5. Who You guys using Ios And Android (Android 4.4.4 &Up Ios Ver i forgot) Here a Free Game… Sword Art Online Memory;Defrag.. it is a Free Game that had an amazing Graphics and battle Assits. sorry Pc Users..

  6. I personally dunno why there's always auto-combat. At least make actual action RPGs and not just RPGs where you just sit back and watch your character do everything. Also, you level up extremely quickly at first, but then it slows down to a frustrating grind.

    There's also the fact that whales (As in, players who waste all of their money on games like these) will always beat you no matter what.

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