41 thoughts on “Samsung Tab S5e vs Apple iPad Air 3

  1. thank you for the comparison video. these are the two I have been considering. Your astronomy pictures pushed me over into the Samsung camp. a dramatic difference…

  2. Tab S5e. Awesome screen with a outdated processor. But there’s a bonus! It comes out the box with Samsung Lag at no charge

  3. i own an ipad air 2, and ever since ive owned it, the rear camera hasnt worked and it crashes randomly and it glitches when its charging.. looking to upgrade to an s5e.

  4. I am an android user and I hate to say this but the iPad is quite better.
    On phones I always go with Android but I don't like iPhones
    On tablets I used Android but I am switching to iPads because I found out that they are better, they have longer support, cpu,gpu processor and ram.

  5. We've gotten to the point where the difference between a mid-range and a high end chip is maybe not even a second of load time for most apps. Sure you can get better graphics in games, but I personally don't use a phone or tablet for anything other than some casual gaming. I've got my PS4 and gaming laptop for the heavier stuff. The S5e is perfect for my needs.

  6. Does the s5e have anything similar to the ipads True Tone that will give you a warmer looking display? the s5e looks really“bluish” in this video in comparison to the iPads more realistic color, I’m torn between the 2 on which to buy

  7. I already used iPad air 2 and iPad pro 2017 . Of course iPad was much much better .. price never lie … It just according to necessity on that man !

  8. if you will use the camera only for casual picture / screenshot and shits like that the samsung is the way to go.
    I purchased it wifi/lte and i am using it for work, as phone with bluetooth headset, netflix and shit and social. is PERFECT! and fuck the apple price and market policy!

  9. I really want the Samsung tab s5e but that processor is really low In geek bench and I need a new tablet I found one of tab s5e for 319 at Best Buy on sale and I found a 2017 iPad Pro witch one do u think I should get

  10. Lmao the iPad 6th gen that I bought last year for $299 has a better benchmark score than the s5e and it even has a headphone jack. 😂😂😂

  11. Is this guy the idiot of the comparative G27 vs G29? I think that nothing he says has any value after the ridicule he made

  12. If you want to build a rocket go with the iPad, if you want to enjoy YouTube, Netflix, web browsing, social media apps, play music normal gaming get the s5e. I chose the latter

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