SAMSUNG Q90R Soundbar Review & Setup | The Best Dolby Atmos / DTS-X Sound Bar?

We give the Samsung Q90R Dolby Atmos, DTS-X soundbar a listen.


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Review Room:

Equipment used for review:
Sony VPL-VW695Es 4K projector:
Sony 65A9G:
Sony 75X900F:
XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Rotel RSP-1576:
Rotel RB-1590:
Rotel RMB-1585:
Oppo 203:
Arendal Sound Monitor S THX:
SVS PB-16:
SVS PC-4000:
Shot on Sony a6400:
Sigma 16mm:

More Equipment:

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45 thoughts on “SAMSUNG Q90R Soundbar Review & Setup | The Best Dolby Atmos / DTS-X Sound Bar?

  1. please don't buy it
    it has alot of issues

  2. I want to get into atmos but don’t want to spend a lot the sound bar I have now cuts out at times it’s a 2016 Sony. I read lots of problems with the one I got. I was looking for a sound bar but I might have to email you a photo of my room so you can tell me what I need and how far stuff should go and the levels I should use when setting up. Thanks should I get something now or hold off for next year

  3. Like your audiophile review picking up on the holes in the base register. Since Samsung is too cheap to include a mike and program for speaker balance I would like to see how you balance these speakers. I know you said pick up a disk but would appreciate a demo.

  4. Hello just came across your great channel and wanted ask quick advice as wanting to update my TV for New Year 2020 and like to use this Q90R soundbar with it ( not purchased yet ) .Just wanted to ask is Samsung or LG TV's best? Thinking of 60" / 65" maximum size to use in UK . Hopefully you can give me some ideas please, many thanks Peter.

  5. Subwoofer is the most important part for me, how bad is the subwoofer cos if its not as good as the sonos one i will get that instead…

  6. When you say the sony flagship soundbar you came from, would that be the Sony HTST5000? I currently have that one upstairs but need one for the living room now…

  7. When will realise Samsung are now just a bunch of conning cunts. Removing dts audio from all their TVs and no atmos. But hey buy a sound bar you can have both. Parasites

  8. I've heard with this soundbar and samsung Q90R (matching TV) it can do 7.1.4 via ARC is this test done via ARC or have you had to run seperate player through soundbar's HDMI?

  9. How find the background music an enhancement. After a few minutes I found it annoying. I wonder if that is the effect the creator is going for

  10. great review shane. i'm still looking for that great soundbar. question about the side firing speakers, are those meant to bounce off the wall as well? not sure if i would get that effect due to my open living room configuration. i may still pick these up and give them a try.

  11. I have this sound bar and I use it primarily for gaming. However, I’m torn between Surround and Game Pro mode. Surround upmixes ALL the audio to 7.1.4; Game Pro doesn’t really do any upmixing. Can I use Game Pro and turn Virtual on to upmix that? I can’t seem to find any info on sound modes and the Virtual option, at all. Suggestions/advice?

  12. I bought this soundbar today, and it did not work. The sound would not come out of the speaker at all. But then all of a sudden it did. However, the sound was choppy and un – listenable.

  13. Exchanged the Sony St-5000 i recently purchased for this new Samsung unit. This was dont yesterday and with the short amount of time ive had to play with it ive been extremely impressed. The Sony st-5000 was a great soundbar but at my place I was having a very hard time hearing the voices come in clearly. With this new unit and the additional back speakers I'm not having this same issue. The main center bar is crisp, loud and clear. im excited to continue messing with the settings of the soundbar system as im impressed for only having it in use for a day thus far. So far this thing is a beast!

  14. Hi, Sparechange I just want to know if you know about Nakamishi Shokwave 9.2.4 Soundbar if is really good and is better then this Samsung Q90R because I can't decide why buy it….thanks alot….

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