Samsung 970 EVO Plus Review Fastest M.2 NVME SSD?

SSDs. SSDs have pretty much become the golden standard of PC storage. Upon the conception of SSDs, the SATA2 interface was fully saturated at about 300MB/s. Naturally SATA3 came along and effectively doubling the throughput to 600MB/s. This standard lasted a while, a LONG while. Let me ask you this, when you shop for a SSD now, do you look for a 2.5” SATA3 SSD or do you go for speed, like this Samsung EVO Plus?



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11 thoughts on “Samsung 970 EVO Plus Review Fastest M.2 NVME SSD?

  1. thinking of upgradeing my 4 512 960 pros to four 2TB 970 evo plus's on my asus zenith MB have got a spare Asus hyper m.2 X16 card as was thinking going more than Four, thinking this upgrade as when I first set up my machine I had taken over twelve months buying parts and one of my 512 pro's has earlier firmware version than the others and didnt want to reinstall everything after finding out, couldnt find out weather was possibleto update firmware in raid. Now 18 months on seriously considering the update all water cooled with 2 phobya 560 rads 1950X threadripper and 2 gtx 1080ti's .128gb cl14 Gskill ram real nice beasty

  2. I have Asus h97 plus motherboard that support m. 2. I want to install Samsung evo plus. Does my motherboard will support Nvme m. 2 ssd. I need your support.

  3. You see mine is in line with this review… even better in most tests.

  4. My Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB looks like have lower results in Crystal Disk Mark.

    AS SSD –,
    ATTO –
    Crystal Disk Mark –

    I tested him and with Performance Test and compared online, it was 28.500 disk score, average on Performance Test for 970 EVO Plus 1TB is 26.000, that's pretty similar.

    But struggle in Crystal Disk Mark only 4K, main score is normal.
    And results in AS SSD vary from moment to moment…
    Total Score in AS SSD sometimes 6500/6600 and few times over 7000.

    I'm curious how these tests are accurate at all with such differences.
    But maybe newer generation of processors give better score. Because I have X99 platform.
    But anyway M.2 is connected to CPU lanes and work in PCI-E x4 Gen 3 Interface.

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