Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K – OC, Gaming, Streaming!

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46 thoughts on “Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K – OC, Gaming, Streaming!

  1. Thanks for all the info instead of an auto win for AMD. Looks like AMD pushed their CPU closer to the limit before shipping. Was about to order 3900X, now I'm back on the fence.

  2. Lets be real, professionals who also game need the Ryzen, Gamers will want Intel. I mean if I did not need cores, I would be all over the 9900k. That beast is the 1080 Ti of CPUs. A chip made too damn good.

  3. it’s AN AMAZING CARD, BUT still can’t handle i9 9900k oc’d at stable 5.2 all core. But it’s great for… making Pixar chick flicks

  4. Please re-run tests streaming 3900X at low settings instead of Ultra. When simply opening OBS with a maxed out GPU you will lose 10% of your frames before pressing Start Stream. I am curious what the hit to FPS is without the GPU being the bottleneck.

  5. If you were to make a dual computer system what CPU would you use as the dedicated stream capture system? The 9900k or the 3900X? Maybe even consider the 3950X.

  6. It's really starting to annoy me that literally everyone seems to forgo the 4k benchmarks.

    I get that this is generally because the gap is small, but so many people play at this resolution and yet it seems like not a single benchmark exists.

    When deciding between two incredibly expensive CPUs and their related hardware, I still want to know about the actual differences before I make a purchase. Not the theoretical differences.

    the 1440p benchmarks push me toward intel, but if the gap DOES continue to close, I'd probably go AMD. I just want some evidence before I make a purchase.

  7. AMD fanboys are funny to claim using quick sync is unfair. It's a feature the cpu has that the AMD doesn't. So should we disabled cores from the 3900x then?
    Stop whining. 9900k is just better for premiere simple as that.

  8. I am so confused, i really love intel. But this CPU just smacks intel. Those few frames lost do not really bother me. I think ill do my first amd build. Sorry intel👋

  9. Is this the new NVENC or old NVENC running through obs? Because if you hit max fps on RTX NVENC your stream will stutter like madness. Called gpu allocation overload bug.

  10. Looking forward to more stream testing.. need some recommendations for streaming with my 3900x! Im a noob at streaming BTW… followed some older guides on YT, but I wasnt too impressed with stream quality.

  11. the question might seem a bit random but why is the i7 – 8700K not included in the stats when a cpu like i5 -8400 is included?

  12. Great review. Strong analysis with regards to pointing out the gaps are less significant at higher frame rates. I always thought of it from a resolution standpoint. Gaming performance still seems to be tied to single core clock speed.

  13. Hello!

    Here we talk about different processors (cores and architecture …i9 9900k vs R9 3900x) … comparisons can only be in price, in the meantime, what is their pocket.
    comparing 8/16 core vs. 12/24 (in editing) is funny.
    and also in gaming …
    price on the side … my opinion is that it is necessary to compare the processors in the class with the same number of cores …
    who is then the winner … ???

  14. Happy to see an Apex Legends test, first one I saw from the few people/outlets I follow. Probably because it's not trivial to test, and test consistently, but it's good to have ballpark figures in any case.

  15. 1080P60 Fast on twitch is useless for fast game. So much pixelization at 6000k and at this point, just use the NVENC. Same result more fps

  16. The best thing about these 3rd Gen Ryzen Cpu's is the fact they're gonna be used in next Gen consoles effectively eliminating the 30fps Jaguar limitation, and also killing the Pc master race mentality finally as I'm super stoked for these awesome cutting edge next Gen machine's !

  17. Of course intel fanboy will alway stay with Intel no mattter what 🙃
    Who prefer i9 when fucking ryzen cost like half of it, Intel fanboy.
    Many Intel fanboy cry in celebration that this channel give them "the fucking truth"
    haha boys, the truth is you guys alway will comment "Thank AMD for competition that lower price Intel" 🤣so sad this time you guy must find a tiny bit of any better edge Intel could make to use in the fight after all Intel fanboy is fucking scare and seem leak from Intel 10th is once again proving Intel is a bastard 🙃 kabylake flashback to coffee lake hahahahaha what a scummy scam 🤣

  18. The thing with Intel is that if it says 5.0ghz on the fucking box, you get 5.0ghz. What is this AMD bullshit running Blender renders at 4.1 instead of 4.6? Utter scammy bullshit. Also your 3900x vcore is way, way too high.

  19. great job, but i wait a couple of months to see reviews, for ryzen and navi, we all know that amd improves whit the drivers updates… for example my brother mobo x370 doesnt recognizq ryzen 5 3600 now, just wait…

  20. Check the standard bios voltages refer to Jays TwoCents he found almost all the voltages were incorrectly set by a big margin this may account for the idle power levels you experienced.
    Be very interested to see revisited results after 12 months when the Ryzen 3 has had time to mature drivers, bios etc.

  21. I hate to say this but Intel is still on top. If you want gaming, the 3900x and the i9 9900k are now the same price, and the i9 still wins in almost all tests and some by a good margin. This is coming from a 2700x owner.

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