27 thoughts on “Roja Promo 315 review 30-4-2019 episode/Today Roja Promo/Episode 315/ரோஜா 315/TSR

  1. Arjun & roja should be safe anu has to be caught for her froud work Arjun roja should lead their life as husband and wife they are good faithful god should save them and bess both…….

  2. Save Arjun Roja rend pereum kaapathu kadavuley pls paa mukyama arjun kk onnu aaga koodadhu avaru nalla badiya recover aaganum kadavuley pls save us arjun Roja god pls save us both couple's.

  3. ROJA matrum Arjun seranum…
    Yena kalyanam mattu ayiduchu….innum onnume nadakkala..
    Kadhalin ucchatha adayalaye..

  4. Off course nothing will and nothing should happen to Roja and Arjun. If anything happens, people will not like to live a honest and good life and will loose faith in God.

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