Review Of The TronXY XY-3 3D Printer | Great Value

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13 thoughts on “Review Of The TronXY XY-3 3D Printer | Great Value

  1. Please help. I am dissabled with cognative disfunction. I am trying to slice some prints in Cura and can not get it to work. It keeps going home. Moving to where it prints. Then it moves 10mm to 20mm up in the air and starts printing. How can I build a Cura profile to work for this printer?

    Thank you

  2. Hey thanks for the video! Would you mind sharing your Cura profile that you used for this XY-3? I would really appreciate it if you did. I just got one myself after seeing your video, and I haven't seen much information or recommend settings for this printer.

  3. Just got into 3d printing through university. Surprised you can make some of these models without printed support. Nice to see they can be so affordable compared to the ultimakers at school. Seems like it is enough for what I like to print. Very nice price and good review.

  4. Hey Daniel! It’s been a minute since I’ve commented on a video. This printer seems solid. I might pick one up in June. I’ve been real busy lately with school and work. Keep up the good work. I just followed you on instagram.

  5. Your x axis bar is way out of align. Noticed the right side is a lot higher than left. And it looks like you have the bed cocked to compensate for it. Run it all the way up in z. And level it out then run it back down and relieved the bed.

  6. Dang you talk fast. Looking for more on that $300 SLA printer from 2 weeks ago. How did it do with other resin? What are you doing for clean up? Are you making a UV curing setup or still just putting them outside? What software are you using, did it come with some or are you using something else? I've been looking at SLA for gaming miniatures because I've had so many problems with my CR-10 printing details that small. Is that video coming out soon? Just askin'.

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