Review Of The Creality Ender-5 3D Printer | Most Stable Ender?

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11 thoughts on “Review Of The Creality Ender-5 3D Printer | Most Stable Ender?

  1. At 7:20 you mention PETG and the risk of melting the PTFE tube. I can't believe this is a real problem, I've used my Ender 3 Pro only for PETG and printed out lots of stuff. I haven't had any problems and haven't replaced any parts on that printer yet. The Ender 5 should be just fine as well I believe.

  2. Note: I am not a 3D Printer user; like to be. IMHO I agree with you that the bed is not supported on all corners. During fast movement it seems the bed will shake possibly affecting the quality of the print. The additional support is a good addition. Why the manufacturer did not provide that with the machine is… but what do want for around $300 US.

  3. Accurate review. That 5th element guy is great. The awesome cube frame is a bit misleading at first glance for the rigidity and ability to enclose. It does however work out of the box with little set up. I had to redo the Bowden tube for the same reason too… clunkclunkclunk

    I use the glass bed on mine. It can get really wobbly and bounce up and down if the nozzle goes over poor infill lines too fast, or if the part is way over on the other side. In the slicer I shove prints as far back as possible to minimize that.

    I hope to put another linear bearing system on the other side of the bed to resolve this as I think it has good upgrade ability, but for the price Ender 3 is probably the best bet.

  4. I have had so little trouble with the ender 5 it's unbelievable. I'm thinking of getting another one and just taking apart my ender 3 pro for spare parts.

  5. This machine is even better with my Direct Drive kit which can also be used to upgrade the X axis to linear bearings. Good video.

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