Review Of The Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer | CR-10 S Killer?

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12 thoughts on “Review Of The Alfawise U20 ONE 3D Printer | CR-10 S Killer?

  1. I use this printer to print Eve Online battleship size ships. So say a Golem that's 290mm wide wingtip to wingtip. I have a U30 to print Cruiser sized ships, and I use a Monoprice Delta Mini for Frigate sizes ships because there simply isn't a better value in a 50 micron resolution printer than the MP Delta Mini.

    For the U30/U20One, I use Cura 4.2.1 and my secret to good Eve Online ship prints (it's freaking hard) is 200 degree filament, 60 bed, Adhesion turned on, Supports turned off, but, Tree Support enabled in Experimental. Tree Support was made to print Eve Online ship models, I swear. All my best ship prints now are from using it. I've had my best luck on the standard 0.04 nozzle with a 0.15 layer height. Also, stick with GOOD QUALITY pla (Hatchbox/CC3D). I lost a week of my life trying to figure out what I was doing wrong at first, and it was just having cheap PLA that sucked.

    I will say I think for 300x300x400 you WANT dual stepper Z axis. For 220x220x250, no. One is enough and there are a gabillion printers now that do 100 micron (ender 3) resolution easy. Like the ender 3 for example. The only reason I went with a U30 was it was the same exact price, and it matched my U20One and looks awesome next to it. Alfawise makes great looking machines.

  2. There is a guy on the Facebook group stating that alfawise finally admitted this is not running open source marlin. Do you know if there is any truth to this?

  3. Pretty sure this is the first U20 One review (at least in English) and I greatly appreciate it as mine is on its way. Thanks for the review and I appreciate you looking into the Firmware issue. Your link to dropbox goes to a missing page by the way.

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