REVIEW: Cablor High Precision 3D Printer ($200 FDM Desktop)

Cablor FDM Desktop 3D Printer (DS063A) – Budget 3D Printer
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Large Print Size with Stable Construction: 220*220*250mm( 8.6″x8.6″x9.8″) large build volume, you can print any type of model. Sturdy aluminum integrated sheet metal structure makes the Cablor 3D printer much more durable as well as ensures enough stability when running at high speed.
Resume Printing Function: Cablor 3D printer can automatically resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering an unexpected power failure, filament running out, and unplugging of SD card.
Filament Run Out Detection: the printer will warn you when it runs out of filament or there is a problem pulling filament from the roll. You will have the opportunity to resolve the issue and continue printing
High Precision Printing:Cablor 3D printer offers high printing speed at 10-150mm/s, and controls the printing precision in 0.05-0.3mm. High accuracy extruder can heat up to 200℃/392℉within 3min so as to provide strong extrusion force, smooth feeding and no plugging, which provides excellent conditions for your demanding printing.
Detachable Platform: Made of specialized materials, the printing platform ensures consistent temperature throughout the build surface and is completely removable and flexible for your easy removal of the model (A little shovel included).
Integrated Filament Holder
Cablor High Precision 3D Printer with high quality components and stable platform
Concise integrated suspension design allows a smoother feeding and a more convinient filament changing while truly reducing the printer shaking caused during operation.
Machine Size: 443*450*472mm
Build Volume: 220*220*250mm
Print Speed: 10~150mm/s (recommend 30~60mm/s)
Nozzle Temp.: Room temp. to 240℃
Print: SD Card /USB cable
2019 NEW 3D Printer
Hotbed Temp.: Room temp. to 110℃
Operation System: Windows7/Windows10/XP, etc.
Filament: PLA/ABS/ TPU/Wood, etc.
Filament Diameter: 1.75±0.05mm
Platform Material: FA Special Made Platform
Environment Temp.:5℃-40℃
Humidity: 20~50%
Slice software: Cura
High Precision Extruder
With simple structure, the high precision extruder provides strong extrusion force, smooth feeding and no plugging. Meawhile it is easy to maintain with a long service life.
Widely Compatible:Cablor 3D printer is widely compatible with the most file format (STL/ OBJ/G-Code). Just download your preferred ones to print with various filament (PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, etc.) Note: To get a more delicate model, please trim it with a knife.
4 Leveling Nuts
4 user-friendly leveling nuts help you adjust the platform effectively. Rotary the nuts counterclockwise will increase the gap between nozzle and platform. Rotary the nuts clockwise to reduce the gap between them.
High-quality Stepping Motor
Industrial stepping motor, with good electrical conductivity, availably ensures the printing platform rise and fall in a constant speed steadily, which improves the quality of printing
Precision Bearing System
The ball circulation linear bearing ensures the printer a more steady, quiet running, and improves the accuracy of the printing model with effect.
High-quality Aluminum Construction
Redesigned with much more sturdy aluminum, the printer is stable enough when running at high speed and leads to a better print quality.


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