Reacting to all 7 BTS Wings Short Films!!

Thank you for watching my reaction to all 7 BTS Wings Short Films!!
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27 thoughts on “Reacting to all 7 BTS Wings Short Films!!

  1. You can also read comic title save me from webtoon. That will tell you the whole story yup after you read others theories too

  2. Mama is Jhope mom left him when he was young and that snickers is the candy bar that his mom gave him and the painting is him and his mom

  3. Andrew, let me tell you… the story is LONG. Their mvs are all connected all the way from Danger era to the DNA era (watch Highlight Reel. tbh I'd say fake love as well). Jin is a time traveller and there are two (so far) lines/realities. They've released a book called "The HYYH Notes p. 1" which tells their stories and explains a lot. Hoseok (j-hope) was left by his mother and developed munchausen syndrome, Tae killed his father because he was abusive, Jungkook lives… well, alone, and is very close to Yoongi, who deals with depression and the death of his mother (he blames himself for it). Namjoon is a friend of theirs, also SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVENT READ THE NOTES!! Tae dreams about things that are bound to happen. Jimin's story is the darkest one and yet to be releaved, the doesn't say a thing about what happened to him. I recommend you watching all the mvs and reading the notes (they're available in English) if you're really curious! Also, the WINGS comeback was based on the book "Demian", the bird you see in JK's short film is a "god" named Abraxas. 🙂 [I keep making edits because I remember stuff as I watch your video, sorry] they also released a web-comic series called "save me" (tw if you're senstive to blood scenes and death, etc), which explains basically the "first" line, the first "reality" that goes from the danger era up to the hyyh era.

  4. Bts storyline is started from I NEED U, and then Prologue, Run and then Young Forever. Then continued with the Wings short films, which are now ur watching. I guess u haven't react to those mv, maybe u can watch them first, then u will understand the storyline better:)

  5. guys want to understand jimin's lie? jimin is locked in thel hospital for a bout years and his mother dont even want him to go out in that hospital event if he dont have any kind of diseases. So Jimin LIED. the smirk, the apple represents lying. the camera was the interviewer. He lied because he thaught he can escape and see the world again. BUT HE DIDNT win. HE WAS STILL SUFFERING so he try to drown himself. but jhope saw him drowning. jimin was surprised and happy cause he will never be alone again.

  6. Actually those short films are a mix of their storyline and the book Demian. Its like all the members are one person ,Sinclair (protagonist of Demian-) in a different period of Sinclair's age (Jk the young (Begin) and Jin the oldest age (awake) . Demian is a very confusing book. The paint, the bird, the quotes, Eva, the whistle, the apple, the piano, the alcohol and Abraxass (the symbol that it looks like a thing that has 2 tentacle "Taehyung's graffiti,Jin's wall " are based on the book. BS&T and Boy meets evil are based on the book and connected on the short stories.

  7. You NEED to read the WEBTOON “Save Me”. It explains everything to you. Spoiler it end on a cliffhanger so there is still room for theories.the story is too fictional to be able to figure out through videos alone (one YouTubed was able to crack it though).

  8. I think I know why V was scratching the wall with the knife…it may be to represent him stabbing his father because the graffiti he is scratching is in the shape of a person..I could be wrong lol TuT

  9. BTS’s storyline, wings storyline, highlight reels, every concept, all of them messed with my head super hard and i love it. they’re so intriguing, i just love it.

  10. Go back to the beginning of BTS, I have been with them since 2014 so there is a lot to deal with. So when we have new people that come in, it makes laugh because you have no idea. Go to the beginning when you can understand, what they are trying to make you see. Please don't try to understand anything until you know what they are about and trying to convey.

  11. All of them is connected:
    Jungkook is connected to Suga
    V is connected to RM
    Jhope is connected to Jimin
    And Jin is alone trying to save the boys😊

  12. your mind is fucked up, it's absolutely normal bro, don't worry. you should see the highlight reels and euphoria mv before reading the weebton stuff. good luck haha.

  13. (🌻⭐️) 2019: I still do not understand the theories of Wings, nor those of LY, much less connect them
    I am a lost case :v

  14. If youre interested to these theories, there is one that i knew on twitter, her name is ona/@ilsanqueen.. Youll get goosebumps im sure..

  15. I hope you read more of their interviews and watch the hilight reels, etc. where their individual stories of who they are, are embedded in these stories, connecting them.

  16. imagine knowing BTS through the wings album and watching those short films without knowing anything about the storyline or bts world…. that was me being confused and getting headache because of BTS and their theory.. I totally understand your confusion

  17. Have you reacted to "I Need U," "Prologue," "Run," and "Forever Young Epilogue" yet? Pretty much a lot of their videos connect to one another. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!

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