10 thoughts on “RCF HDL 6-A VS HDL 20-A Comparison

  1. It is very hard to tell on computer speakers but, on the last track the vocals were better on the 20's.
    With that said, not sure we are compairing apples to apples, I'm sure the HDL 20's are way more money even with fewer cabinets.

  2. With this similar setup and venue size, which would you recommend for live sound applications? The hdl 20’s or hdl 6’s?

  3. the technical difference feels, but not so strong that I am persuaded to buy rcf hdl 20, today everybody is looking for and wants small and light but very efficient equipments … rcf hdl 6a is one of the best solutions of this class …

    the weight difference is high

    rcf hdl 20a is 29kg

    rcf hdl 6a has 11.5 kg

    are 17.5 kg difference in one cabinet

    Think about you at 8 cabinets are 140kg for one column ….

  4. I like the clarity of the HDL6 better. I think the subs are a bit overpowering though. Would need 2 more boxes of the HDL6 to match the sub

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