Razer Blade Pro 17- 4K 120Hz Review

Lisa Gade reviews the just released 4K UHD 120Hz fast refresh display + wide color gamut edition of the 2019 Razer Blade Pro 17. Fast refresh 4K laptop displays are very rare, so this is one of the few that is well suited to both 4K content creation and high fps gaming. This is a high end configuration with NVIDIA RTX 2080 Max-Q and 1TB SSD. A Core i7-9750H 6-core processor, Razer Chroma per key RGB backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt 3 are standard on the Blade Pro 17. For a more in-depth review of the Blade Pro 17, check out original review here: .

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23 thoughts on “Razer Blade Pro 17- 4K 120Hz Review

  1. This is the only 17" laptop currently on the market I would consider buying, because it's the only one I'm aware of that has decent specs/form factor, and has a centered keyboard. Pretty much every other laptop larger than 15" has a number pad – which is nice if you're doing a lot of data entry, and doesn't really matter if you're just going to game, but for any sort of writing, programming, etc., pushing your hands off to one side is worse on the wrists.

  2. Why is it different from the official website specification? The spec says 400 nits of brightness, 100% Adobe RGB color Gamut.

    And I want to know the Delta E spec

  3. The features are impressive with additional m.2 slot. I almost most wanted to buy this 17.3 4k 120hz newer model, but after a deep research, this garbage company collect telemetry data from the information you type. Take a look at people who are complaining. Intrusion of privacy. This is almost like a keylogger system in the name of their garbage so called IOT system. The keyboard settings of Synapse cannot work properly if user didn't login according to users. Please highlight this to the intrusive and garbage company. https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/comments/9llblt/keep_this_at_the_top_let_razer_know_how/


    Many other companies do not collect data, but this garbage company is collecting data when you type. Total useless company.

  4. Such a beautiful laptop. This is the spiritual successor of the 17 inch Macbook Pro. Do games look good on 2560×1440 on this laptop? I know dropping to 1080p would look bad on this laptop but I wonder about 2k? See I want that beautiful 4K screen but I think this laptop does not have enough horsepower for 4k?

  5. I hate to be that guy but I literally have the cash in hand for this but I can't decide between the razer advanced i7 2080max q 240hz 512 ssd or the asus strix scar iii with an i9 2070 (not maxq) 240hz 1Tb ssd. I'm dying for some guidance

  6. checked out when you said it was glossy. is there a matte version? i dont even need a touch screen.. i just want 4K matte.

  7. I just sent the17" FHD 144Hz back to Amazon. The AZERTY keyboard is a joke. Despite no numpad, they also forgot to backlit the numbers, only signs are. Same for the function keys. So during the night, good luck to find the right ones Also the FHD screen is just… nothing special. Coming from a QHD 15" AERO, it's a nogo, way too low res on a 17". And last but not least, the battery life has been cut off by 1/3 because of those 2 little fans. Result is around 3 hours web browsing at low contrast. Not even possible to charge by USB-C. Waiting for the next Aero17" 4k 120 hz and its 8 hours battery life, numpad, all key backlit, and lightweight compare to this brick !

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