Rapper Reacts to BTS – WINGS (Full Story) STORY LINE PART 2

Rapper Reacts to BTS – WINGS (Full Story)
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43 thoughts on “Rapper Reacts to BTS – WINGS (Full Story) STORY LINE PART 2

  1. the call namjoon couldn't answer was from tae, tae only could make one call, so he decided on namjoon, but he couldnt answer the phone ;""""""(

  2. Me:(already watched Wings full story and spring day theory)
    Now I'm crying when watching spring day

  3. V and jhope are brothers in the story.And……wait did you already watch the love yourself highlight reel?cause it’s part of the story line and try to read they’re story “save me” in an app(webtoon)this story is the story line in every music videos

  4. We see jin kissing himself then we also see jin kissing the statue with wings. So looks like the statute is jin, and taehyung's wings was cut of him and attached to the statue (which is jin) Then when jin kissed himself, taehyung smirked. Does that mean taehyung(the devil) got his wings back when jin kissed the statue but jin started falling apart . I got an idea that jhope is the angel that cut V's wings off. Cause we see hobi doing an shooting an arrow gesture, and in the next clip taehyung got some (what do u call that) something like when a arroe hit u and blood chugs out.

  5. Oh you have to read DEMIAN from Hermann Hesse for understand all the theories of bts, is connected 🙂

    And again sorry for my english :v

  6. In the third short film, the dog symbolizes innocence and when he left, that means that innocence was cut off….?

    Sorry if my english is bad :v in from latin america so… i'm not sure if my english is okay xd

  7. The spring video almost had me in tears for some reason. I don’t really cry much, or get teary as much either, but it’s such a beautiful song!!😍😍😍

  8. So, there are some videos from suga & spice I would recommend to you, they're about the storyline and really helped me with it

  9. If you want to get a better explanation to some of the scenes.. Please please read "Save Me" the official BTS Webtoon by BigHit and Lico storytelling the storyline for Bangtan Universe..

  10. Has anyone told Nick yet that the phone call RM was desperately trying to answer was Taehyung calling him for help??? That's why you can see the phone booth in both Stigma and Reflection. That's also apart of Stigmas dialogue, Tae asked for one phone call.

  11. You reacted two videos for storyline, but these are not full. There are missing videos. You have to check the following list for more accurate storyline. You have check the videos written with the bold font too.

    I NEED U
    *FOR YOU (JP)

    RUN mv

    Young Forever (Epilogue)

    I NEED U (Japanese vers. mv)

    RUN MV (Japanese vers. mv)
    WINGS (1-7 teasers)

    Blood Sweat and Tears MV

    Spring Day

    Blood Sweat and Tears (Japanese vers. mv)
    Highlight Reels

    you watched already
    Fake Love (first teaser)

    you watched already
    *Fake Love MV (but extended vers.)
    Epiphany you watched already

    Actually there are more things to add this storyline. But I can't write all. Because there's a six-years study here :))))))

  12. Namjoon goes to jail because he beat up someone at the gas station basically he worked there.
    J-HOPE has a sleeping problem and I need you MV it show him falling.
    Yoongi (saga) Jungkook and yoongi were in a class room playing the piano the teacher came and slaps jungkook to the ground and yoongi punches the teacher. Yoongi got kicked got of school and blames himself for the incident. In fake a love MV it shows saga sitting in a room while the piano is on fire and saga dies

  13. Your basically getting it all wrong and Jin traveled back in time to save everyone but jin keep failing. Jimin is locked up in the hospital because his mother can't take care of him the doctor doesn't know why he is in there. Jungkook is in school and is family mistreats him and gets beaten up and jumps off the building

  14. Watch this after you watch the individual mv for the songs and the highlight reel and everything related to the storyline.also read save me. But this video should help: https://youtu.be/4Xs-WyzB_zg

  15. Bts have made a japanese version of Blood, sweat & tears with a different Music Video too. It's really cool and might shows some more clips and sides when it comes to the boys and the storyline. You should check it out!!

  16. i joined the fandom before the wings era have started so when bighit started releasing these videos i got so confused MSKSKSNSNSNS

  17. 15:05 is on point. taehyung always calls namjoon and that phonebooth is the key symbol of their relationship. on film #3 the last line taehyung says is 'can i just make one phone call?' implying the fact that this film shows namjoon being unable to attend to taehyung and how much he hates not being able to

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