Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft – Part 15

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Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft – Part 15

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25 Responses

  1. Florp McBoutade says:

    18:39 anybody knows the music in the background, 9 years old ?

  2. Pavle Stanojevic says:

    Our serbian schools look like this mansion😂😂

  3. wsafdar says:

    Did anyone noticed that he said 'There's Jungles in Fortnite'

  4. я маслину поймал says:

    Sheeps: WhY aRe YoU bUlLiNg Me

  5. Jeb _ says:

    I’ve learned a lot about Minecraft even tho I have played for years

  6. Cringe says:

    18:23 poor fox

  7. Art Girl Abiya !!! says:

    9:47 58 FPS!?!?!??!?!!

  8. Netix says:

    This music is So climatic for this action!!!

  9. Ultra LeviXz says:

    Wortersheep dies denn Jorgen geht's lost

  10. Akatsuki Fangirl says:

    23:03 this shows that Feigei was evil the whole time! Since he was with the raiders. FORESHADOWING

  11. huggezU says:


  12. Kestrel SC says:

    You need bones to tame svens

  13. William Cambra says:

    That thing is a totem of undying when you put it in your off hand and you die you'll have another life

  14. Sara Michels says:

    Felix: What else is hiding in the floor

    Me: Cringing so bad

  15. RachieDachie says:

    Live footage of Columbus thinking he found India

  16. koddyTV says:

    ''when i dime a mine''

  17. OwenFromTheFuture says:

    PewDiePie will go to war against LazarBeam

    PewDiePie has an army of nine year olds

    LazarBeam has an army of melons

  18. Blythe Ardyson says:

    He left chainmail

  19. Настя Мин says:

    у него такая кепочка хорошая хввххв)

  20. prawn buns says:

    love how felix talks to sven

  21. memoracion ferangco says:

    9:30 pewdiepie had a enhanted sword

    9:30 kills sheep with a axe

  22. India Grace says:

    Don’t mind if i do ………

    Gamer girls 😂😂

  23. yoyo too says:

    Why does he say yurigen i think it is jorgen

  24. Alexandr Brayt says:


  25. Blue tutorials & gameplays says:

    21:31 Suprise MF

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