Ragged Dog Neglected For Years Wishes To Be Loved By People Again | Animal in Crisis EP74

Mạng lưới tin tức Công Nghệ

Ragged Dog Neglected For Years Wishes To Be Loved By People Again | Animal in Crisis EP74

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Every dog has the right to be loved, and give love as well


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28 Responses

  1. Kritter Klub says:

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  2. ضابط عراقي says:

    تم العثور على جثة مجهولة الهوية…وعادي 😳🤔

  3. nurul indah says:

    Ya Allah. Maafkan hambamu ini yang belum memiliki kesempatan dan mampu berbagi kasih sayang dan perhatian pada sekitar. Mereka jauh memiliki hati malaikat. Semoga mereka bisa masuk syurgamu untuk kembali bersama😭😭😭😭. Aamiin

  4. hallo ween says:

    허럻헝헐라 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😢😢😢😢😢😢 퍄ㅜㅐ 뵴새ㅑ ㅜㅎㅑㅔ

  5. Billy Bonkers The Labradoodle says:

    Aww poor baby. Glad it was a happy ending 💕

  6. Haima Na chan says:


  7. Полина Леоненко says:

    i want to have a life like this after finishing school

  8. J A says:

    I like your work and hard work. It is an inspiration for me but plz also give English subtitles.

  9. sugadaddy drizzy says:

    the dogs and these people clearly need help

  10. John King says:

    Korea is poor sanitary conditions.
    They eat a dog.😡

  11. hart Cullanan says:

    I dont like any dog get hurt or anything bad happen i love dog i treat them like my brother or sister i like dogs so much im dog lover if i see dog like that i cry i what them to be happy

  12. katrina swing says:

    God bless those people who helped the dog 🙏🏼❤

  13. Linh Phương Nguyễn says:

    Tôi thật sự rất ngưỡng mộ các bạn đã làm nên những điều tuyệt vời này cảm ơn đã giúp những người bạn này bởi vì tôi rất yêu chúng!

  14. Ranjitha Bachu says:

    Good job

  15. hiếu. học học says:

    Chả hỉu j

  16. จตุพล พิลาคุณ says:

    เป็นสายพันธ์ที่สวยงาม แต่เขาอาภัพมากครับ

  17. Vangie's Vlog says:

    God will bless you all for helping them make me cry

  18. Oralys Rodriguez says:

    I didn't know there were 2 stuck together 💔💔

  19. thepat อิอิ says:


  20. Belinda Whisman says:

    The Lord w!ill bless you all!

  21. 誠子 誠子 says:


  22. 誠子 誠子 says:


  23. God Loves A Terrier, and So Do I! says:

    While I don’t speak the same language as the video was in, I understood everything in it and feel blessed to have seen it. What lovely people at every step of the way came in to help these neglected and traumatized dogs. I am very grateful for people like you. I’m disabled and unable to get out there and do much myself but I have opened my home to animals and would take them in if they were able to get to my area. Your video shows how kindness to all creatures makes for a better world. Thank you for sharing.

  24. DranaM Aria says:

    Lindo e emocionante

  25. Karine Rodrigues says:

    Muito bacana o trabalho de vocês😍

  26. 三毛猫きなこ says:


  27. anônimo anônimo says:

    Quando estava retirando o pelo parecia ser outro cachorro do lado

  28. NALIN SOYSA says:


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